Tip on AliExpress COMBO SHIPPING

Until recently, purchases from different AliExpress sellers came in separately, but that has changed since combined delivery (or “bulk shipping” or “combined delivery”). And remember, you can see a selection of products with combined delivery.

What are the Benefits of AliExpress Combined Delivery?

This combined delivery has several advantages:

Buy multiple products on AliExpress and pay for a single shipment

When we buy small products, we can combine your shipment to receive them all at once and not have to worry about multiple tracking numbers.

Advantages at Customs with Combined Delivery

Another benefit is for those who buy from countries that limit the number of packages from abroad per year. In this case, by being able to receive products from different sellers in a single order, we can save money and time in managing customs papers as we only have a single package. Good news for many buyers in Latin America.

Faster delivery to most countries

It is becoming increasingly advisable to buy from AliExpress with a registered shipment such as AliExpress Standard Shipping, but for very cheap products it is sometimes more expensive than the product itself, and when you buy with an untracked shipment such as a. B. Cainiao, it takes a long time to receive your order. Because of this, with combined delivery you can get cheap products faster and without spending a lot of money on shipping.

This is how AliExpress Combination Delivery works

Combined order delivery is not available for all products on this platform, and shipping with AliExpress Standard Shipping is included from 5 dollars. Only some sellers offer this option, and it should be noted that for a combined delivery you will have to pay for the entire shopping cart at the same time.

However, if you are interested in finding combined delivery products, there are several ways you can do it. The easiest way is to filter the search for products. AliExpress added a new Combined Delivery filter that shows you products that can be combined.

The products of the various searches can be combined: For example, if you first search for sporting goods, put products with combined shipping in the shopping cart and then search for T-shirts with combined shipping, you can end up placing an order with combined delivery.

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Another way to order with combined shipping is to look at the shopping cart. Now AliExpress will show you which products are eligible for combined delivery. You have to pay for all products at the same time. We can pay for products with combined shipping with products without them at the same time, but products with this “combined shipping” option have the same order number.

The problem is that if we want to avoid the combined delivery, we have to pay for the products separately.

Finally, AliExpress has also created a section within its platform where you can find some of the most popular combined delivery products. While it’s better to filter your search, here you can view some products with combined delivery and avoid having to do multiple searches until you find what you want.

AliExpress Standard Shipping or AliExpress Saver Shipping

Combined delivery only brings your AliExpress purchases together in a single package, but shipping will still follow the usual methods we explain in our final guide to shipping methods on AliExpress.

When we place orders under 5 dollars with combined delivery, we receive our purchases with the shipping method AliExpress Saver Shipping, a shipment without tracking (normal), which has a shorter delivery time. If, on the other hand, we place orders with combined shipping of more than 5 dollars, we will receive our order via AliExpress Standard Shipping, a registered shipping system with a faster tracking number. On our blog we have an article explaining the differences between these two shipping methods managed by AliExpress.

You can also choose combined shipping with AliExpress Standard Shipping, even if you order less than 5 euros, but shipping costs more.

Tracking Number

If we choose the combined delivery of products from multiple sellers, we receive two tracking numbers: First, each seller gives you a tracking number for the way from their warehouse to the AliExpress fulfillment center. Once everyone is together, a new tracking number will be generated. Sometimes it can take a few days for AliExpress to change the number, but don’t worry: your tracking number will be updated shortly and it will be on its way to your country in a few days.

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To access the tracking number of your order, click on this link.

Returns and other issues

For some time now, some AliExpress sellers have offered the option of returning their products for free. If you included more than one free return product in your combined delivery and would like to exercise your right to return, please remember that AliExpress only allows a single free return. In case you have a problem with the delivery and need to open a dispute, you must do so for all the products included in the combined delivery.

In order to cancel the order before it is sent to you, you must request it as soon as possible, as the processing of the shipment is very quick and you may have already sent the shipment by the time you request the cancellation. It is not necessary to cancel all the products included in the combined shipment, just the one that we do not want. However, if we request a cancellation to re-place the order by changing the size or color of any of the products, it may be the best option to contact the seller as soon as possible to see if they can change the order without having to cancel.

What to do if a product is missing from my combined delivery

It almost never happens, but if a package has been delivered to you and one of the orders you requested with combined delivery is missing, we encourage you to take pictures of all the packages received. Next, we recommend speaking to the seller of the non-arrived package and checking the tracking number. If by chance the package did not arrive at the logistics center for collection, it is possible that it will arrive separately. To get your money back, you need to open a dispute on the product that did not arrive.

“Your Package has been Upgraded to Combined Delivery”

If this message suddenly appears in your package, it means that AliExpress has merged some of our orders. “You enjoyed combining delivery service with faster shipping” appears directly below. In Spanish, the message will appear in “We have improved your orders for combined delivery: you will receive multiple orders in a single package.”


Although it is common for a combined delivery to be made on request, the platform itself can also combine multiple packages that have been created in a short period of time. This is done to reduce delivery times and costs, but if you prefer the packages to arrive separately, we recommend waiting for a package to be dispatched in order to make your next purchase.

Combined Delivery and Customs

We have received a lot of feedback from users who fear that AliExpress has combined their packages as just explained. In most countries this will not be a problem as very small products are put together and the package therefore passes through customs without any problems. The important thing to consider is the size of the package.

This is a small guide to the countries in which it can be advantageous to buy with combined delivery. We also encourage you to read our article on How to Avoid Customs On AliExpress for more information:

  • Spain: Customs usually stop heavy and bulky packages, however it is recommended that all products do not exceed € 22 including shipping.
  • Chili: It is highly recommended that you choose combined delivery for faster delivery, but it is recommended that orders be no more than $ 30 or 2kg to avoid customs duties.
  • Mexico: Packages must exceed $ 300 for customs, so combined delivery is a good option for faster delivery.
  • Argentina: With the limit of 12 orders up to $ 50 excluding tax, the combination of delivery on small orders can be a good option.
  • Colombia: Since only orders over $ 200 pay tax, if you order low value products and receive them along with a combined delivery, we can receive them sooner.
  • Ecuador: It is important to consider the amount and weight of purchases that will be combined. It pays to combine small products so that delivery takes place with registered shipment tracking.