Tips to Buy FITNESS Accessories on AliExpress

When we start following an exercise routine, we often find that we need supplies that we don’t have at home. Or maybe you’ve heard of a new fitness accessory to help you improve on this hard-earned exercise. Anyway, there are many advantages to this accessory and so it is a very good idea to get something to improve your results with less effort, but it is very expensive. In this article, we are going to explain how to find them on AliExpress for a lot less money.

Are Fitness Accessories worth Buying from AliExpress?

It is one of the doubts that can arise, and the answer is yes. You must have gone into a store and seen the prices of these products. On AliExpress, not only are they cheaper, but they also have a ton of quality which other buyers’ comments prove. On the other hand, you will surely wonder whether this accessory is really necessary. You can find routines that don’t need accessories, but investing some money in them will help us improve our workouts.

Exercise Equipment that you can find on AliExpress

There are a wide variety of fitness accessories to choose from on AliExpress, some of which you may not even be familiar with. We will therefore show you how to find them and what they are used for. If you have certain problems, we recommend that you consult your doctor before exercising, as there are exercises that can be counterproductive.

Yoga mats

Having a mat is a basic requirement not only for yoga, it is also very useful for stretches, sit-ups, or any exercise that we need to do on the floor. You can find a wide variety of mats on AliExpress, some of which come with a carry case. To find it, click here.



The Powerball is a ball with a built-in motor. When activated, it starts to vibrate and make our wrist rotate faster, and the inertia it creates allows us to work the muscles of the entire arm harder. They have a high price in stores, but you can get them for around 10 dollars on AliExpress. Click here to find it.


Weight bracelets and anklets

Weight bracelets and anklets are very useful accessories for adding resistance to exercise. The idea is very simple, it’s about putting extra weight on our limbs that puts extra strain on the muscles, they also improve the mobility of our movements, so they’re also widely used in sports like boxing. You can find them on AliExpress by clicking here.

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The handle is a device that counteracts resistance when closed with our hands and is therefore perfect for strengthening the hand and forearm muscles. Not only is it effective, but it’s an accessory that takes up very little space. If you click here you will find handles for under 5 euros, the model we are showing you has adjustable power.


Elastic Bands

This is one of my favorite fitness accessories, and while it may not seem helpful, rubber bands are great for adding resistance to your workout in a very gentle way. There are different types and intensities, and depending on the strength of our ligaments, the intensity and frequency with which we train the different muscle groups, we build more muscle, burn fat and tone the muscles.

There are different types of bands. The simplest and cheapest are tapes with a certain width that are easy to stow away. They are best suited when we are doing soft exercises and barefoot. Find them here.

resistance bands-fitness-aliexpress

An alternative to the previous model are the elastic tubes with handles, these have a little more resistance due to the tube shape of the rubber and the handles make them much easier to grip and thus enable more complex and comfortable exercises, as the handle helps us to end with the hand or with the to gain a foothold. To find models like the one in the picture, click here.


There are also circular elastic bands, these are very useful for exercises where we don’t have to grip the band with our hands, such as separating our legs. Find them here.


Finally, at AliExpress we also find elastic tubes with special handles to work on the chest, arms and shoulders. Click here to find it.

Expander Bands-Fitness-Aliexpress

Chin-up bar

The dominant feature is the push-up, which is performed while the body is in suspension, lifting the body from the lowest area until it touches the bar with the chin or chest. It goes without saying that this is a very powerful exercise that builds up the latissimus dorsi. You probably remember a movie or TV series in which the protagonist does pull-ups at a bar next to the door. To find it, click here.


Belly wheel

The belly wheel is a device that, as the name suggests, consists of a small wheel with a built-in handle that you can use to turn it on the floor. Thanks to this wheel, not only will we train the abs, we will also strengthen the lumbar spine at the same time, and a strong lumbar spine is the first step towards better posture and therefore helps us avoid back problems. You can find belly wheels here.

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ab-wheel-fitness-aliexpressSkipping rope

Jumping rope is not a child’s thing, and when we jump we are doing a high-intensity cardiovascular exercise that helps us lose fat effectively and quickly. Plus, you only need a small amount of space and string, so it couldn’t be easier. Click here to find it.

Jump rope fitness Aliexpress

Hula hoop

First you tell me to jump rope and now you tell me about the hula hoop? Oh well! And while it sounds like a no-brainer, it’s a lot more than that. Its use burns lots of calories and helps shape the belly while we have fun. The secret is that as we move the hoop, our abdominal muscles are constantly tensed, especially in the side oblique abdominal muscles. You can find them on AliExpress by clicking here for around 10 euros, and they have the advantage of being removable, making them easier to store.

Hula Hoop Fitness Aliexpress

Fitness ball

The perfect fitness ball for passive gymnastics, i.e. without the risk of injury. This allows you to do both localized and general exercises. It promotes posture correction, increases strength and tones muscles and helps control and dominate our body. It is also very useful for relaxation exercises. All of this with a simple ball.
At AliExpress we find fitness balls at a great price. Don’t worry, they are delivered without air and therefore take up little space. To find it, click here.


TRX training set

The TRX is a suspension-based training system that uses our own weight to train the muscles. This training is of military origin and can be exercised by anyone regardless of physical condition, as the level of difficulty and the level of difficulty can be adjusted. It’s perfect when we want to do a routine from home that involves our entire body, as all you need is a workout table and kit with all the necessary accessories.

We found TRX training kits on AliExpress for a very good price, and while these kits can be worth up to $ 300 on some online websites, they can cost as little as $ 70 on our preferred online platform. We recommend the “Home” version, which we show you below, because if we want to use this system at home it is important that it includes the “door anchor”. You can find these Trx kits here.




Cones are a very useful accessory in training aimed at improving our flexibility. They are often used in soccer or athletics training. You can find them very cheap on AliExpress by clicking here.

Cone training

Return roller

If you go to the gym you might have seen someone with one of these roles in the gym as they are very fashionable, but what are they for? Foam rolling or myofascial self-release is a muscle regeneration technique that is performed by a roller that is applied at specific points called “trigger points”. It has several benefits, such as relaxation and reducing fatigue, improved circulation and blood pressure, and injury prevention. To find cheap recovery scooters on AliExpress, just click here.


The Bestselling Fitness Accessories on AliExpress

Buying from a good seller on AliExpress is essential, so we always recommend reading our guide on finding reliable sellers before making a purchase. Additionally, we leave you a list of our 5 favorite sellers with stores specializing in fitness accessories. All of them have excellent ratings and very good comments from other buyers.

  • Ebuy360 Outlet Store – There is a lot of sports equipment, but most of all we liked the large selection of Powerballs.
  • Sports Zone-Keep You Healthy – In this store you will find endless accessories for every favorite sport: cycling, fishing, camping, tennis, basketball …
  • JJun Health Care – Everything you need for going to the gym, from fitness accessories to sportswear.
  • MasterSmartGear – This store specializes in high quality sports accessories and offers a wide variety of rollers and massage balls, as well as kinesiology tapes and other accessories ideal for muscle regeneration and rehabilitation.
  • J Bryant Fitness – A wide range of fitness and boxing accessories.