Tips to BUY White Label Electric SHAVERS

Everyone knows that when it comes to shaving, everyone has their preferred method and it is difficult for them to break loose from their habits, but just in case you want to switch from the classic blades to an electric razor or vice versa, you are fed up with that Brand you’ve always used or just want to innovate just because or because your old razor is broken, in this guide we will show you how and where to buy these razors at the best price.

A large selection of cheap razors is available to you on AliExpress, both electric (we have found cheap and highly valued private label razors as well as Braun and Gillette) and classic, if you’ve always used Gillete blades.

White Label Electric Shavers on AliExpress

There are a multitude of white label electric Shavers on this great Chinese platform that can perform the same function as a Philips or Braun razor, to name some of the most famous multinational companies in this sector.

One of the advantages of buying a Chinese machine, as you can imagine, is the price, which is lower than buying a Gillette, for example. At AliExpress, there are these types of electric shavers from 20 to 40 euros. And yet it is difficult for a brown to go under 60. We will analyze the most popular brands and their best-selling models on AliExpress.

Kemei: the best value for money

One of the most famous brands on AliExpress for buying small personal care devices is Kemei. Their products are inexpensive, functional, and high quality, which makes it a great option to buy electric shavers. The AliExpress Official Store, accessed by clicking here, has more than 97% positive feedback.


His best-selling razor is this one, and thanks to its 5 rotating and floating heads, it is one of the one we like the most. The head can be tilted and thus ensures a precise shave. Its body is completely waterproof for better cleaning, its design is ergonomic and it also includes two extra heads for trimming nose and ear hair or checking beard or sideburns. It has 50 minutes of autonomy and takes around 5 hours to charge. In short, its features are very good, especially considering its price: around 20 euros from this search.

But if you don’t want to spend that much money, Kemei also has another model that can cost you less than half the previous one. With a charge of 8 hours, it can achieve up to 60 minutes of autonomy, but also its head is very easy to clean and its price is undoubtedly very attractive: around 10 euros, as you can see here. In short, it is a functional, affordable, high quality razor.

Povos: technological innovation and adjusted prices

Although Povos’ products are a little more expensive than those of the Kemei brand, they have some technological innovations that are worth paying a little more for. You can find the best deals on buying his electric shavers at his official AliExpress store.

This is their best-selling razor, and in our opinion the best value for money, largely because of its best feature: the ability to charge quickly. It is fully charged in just 1 hour and ready to use for 60 minutes. It contains a waterproof film so that it can be completely cleaned under running water to keep it in optimal condition. In addition, it can be used wet or dry.

But if you don’t mind that charging takes an hour longer, you can save a few euros by purchasing this model. It takes 2 hours to fully charge your batteries, but otherwise it’s the same as the previous one except for the cheaper price, less than 25 $.


Flyco: top quality at a very affordable price

We’ve saved one of the best brands on AliExpress for last. Although the Flyco official store that you can access through this link has only been on AliExpress for 1 year, it has been making small personal care devices since 1999. The products have received several awards for their good quality and have international safety certificates.

Its most popular model, which you can find here from 30 euros, is one of the electric shavers with the greatest autonomy of all that we have taught you so far: up to 90 minutes in operation, with a quick charge of 1 hour. It also has the best qualities you could want in a razor: it is waterproof, can be used with water or dry, its design is ergonomic, it has a small screen to show the remaining time and it guarantees a thorough and a gentle shave to its three independent floating heads. Plus, you can charge it anywhere thanks to the USB plug.

However, if you are on a budget and don’t need that much autonomy, this model can be a good alternative to the previous one. It has the same characteristics and quality as the previous one, but it is cheaper because its autonomy drops to 60 minutes and it does not have a charging station.

Best Sellers of Razors on AliExpress

Based on the reputation of the sellers, the number of items sold, and the comments and ratings of the users, here are some of the best stores on AliExpress to buy cheap, high quality razors.

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IMPORTANT: As this is a small product, it is very unlikely to be stopped at customs. One more reason to feel safe when buying and shipping.

Classic Razors: the usual Gillette (and other) blades

At AliExpress, you don’t forget the most classic shave, the blades of your life. For this reason, Chinese sellers know that these hand razors also have their target group and that nobody has the maximum when it comes to personal hygiene and that it depends on the experience of each individual. For this reason, this Chinese platform also sells Gillette blades, the most famous brand in the market.

Our opinion

When choosing the blades, we will show you the two best in our opinion. On the one hand the Gillette Mach 3 with eight refills and on the other hand the new Gillette Fusion Proglide, which is currently reduced by 66%.
You are sure to find more references that we would be happy to share with us in the comments. Together we will make this guide more complete.