Top 10 High Quality WIRELESS Chargers

For some years now, technology has been pointing to a world without cables: the most fashionable Headphones or Speakers are a clear example of this. Manufacturers have long tried not to clutter our floors or walls with cables. And of course, doing without the annoying charging cable is a dream that has come true thanks to wireless chargers.

But this system is not new. Cell phones have been around for years that have the technology necessary to use wireless charging points, but it seems that Since the launch of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, the manufacturers of this type of charging system have been on everyone’s lips again, and there are even furniture manufacturers (like IKEA) that are building this charging system into their products. Today we’re going to show you the best (and cheapest) wireless chargers on AliExpress. We will also show you table lamps that incorporate this charging system, as we have found some very affordable models on this website that will surely interest you.

This is How Wireless Charging stations work

Although they are wireless, these charging stations must be connected to the mains. Once connected, the charger creates a electromagnetic field that transfers energy between the base station and mobile phoneso you don’t have to use a charging cable. Initially, this system was significantly slower than a traditional charger (it can take up to twice as long to charge), and while this can be a benefit as slow charging is less damaging to the battery, manufacturers have implemented charging systems quickly. It is our practice to keep this in mind when charging the phone: if we are among those who leave it on the bedside table to charge, a wireless charger that does not include fast charging may be of interest, but if we are one of those that we charge it during the day if we are interested in this system.

Are there universal chargers? No, not all chargers are created equal: Qi or PMA standards

It is clear that in an area as promising as this there wouldn’t be just one type of charger. Although there were several standards in the beginning, most chargers now follow them Qi standard compatible with all phones on the market with wireless charging, while the PMA standard is currently practically obsolete (it is only compatible with the Samsung S8 or Note 8, and even these two phones are compatible with Qi charging, so we will focus on this class of chargers for the farthest) is common.

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In case you’re interested, the difference in both the Qi standard and PMA uses an induction charging system, but the Qi is more efficient, though it is necessary to place the phone in a more precise position so that it can be chargedAlthough the PMA standard allows several devices to be charged at the same time, the charging surface can be larger, but is still less efficient and the batteries take longer to charge.

Top 10 High Quality Wireless Chargers on AliExpress

AliExpress is one of the sites that has the best prices on technology, especially mobile accessories, with high quality Chinese brands like Ugreen, Rock, Nillkin, Vinsic, and even Samsung. All of these brands and many others offer high quality wireless chargers with thousands of sales. You can find them all in this search, although we’re going to show you our 10 most popular wireless chargers below.

1. Samsung Wireless Charger: good, beautiful and cheap

It’s one of the best-selling chargers on AliExpress as it’s one of the cheapest (less than 6 euros as you can see in this search) and also from a well-known brand like Samsung. However, one of its weak points is that this charger is from the first generation of wireless chargers that Samsung launched, so it doesn’t support fast charging. It works with an output of 10 watts and can work within a range of up to 5 mm, so that we can charge our cell phone with the case on. If you’re interested in a Samsung brand charger with fast charge.

2. Ugreen Wireless Charger – A Trusted Brand

The price of this charger from the famous Ugreen brand is a little higher, but it already has a fast charge (compatible with QC 2.0 and QC 3.0) that saves us time when charging our phone. For reference, it is able to charge the Samsung S8 in 3.5 hours. It is compatible with the latest models from Apple, Samsung, LG, etc. Like the previous one, it works with 10 watts of power and up to 5 mm distance, but what we like best are its numerous security systems: against short circuits, overheating, Avoid voltage peaks, etc. A reliable charger.

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3. Vinsic charger: small and powerful

Have you ever had an oreo cookie? Well this charger is almost as small as one of those cookies. In fact, it almost completely covers the charging base when the cellphone case is placed on it. Therefore, this charger is ideal for those who do not like large charging stations. In addition, the price is very affordable and compatible with fast charging.

4. Baseus Charger: view your notifications while you charge your phone

If you want to get out of the typical round charger, this Baseus brand charger can be a great option. Its rectangular shape is very apt, considering that our phones are this shape, and it has another advantage: it can be placed horizontally or vertically so that when we put it on our desk we can see the incoming notifications on ours Cellphone without having to remove it from the charging base, it also has a double coil so you can put your cellphone in portrait or landscape mode, this also increases the speed of charging your smartphone.

5. Rock Wireless Charger: practical and efficient

Rock is one of the most reliable brands when it comes to buying mobile accessories, most of all it is known for its iPhone phone cases of great quality at an affordable price. It is very similar to the previous charger, but it cannot be used in the form of a traditional charger. However, if you like to keep an eye on your cell phone, it is the ideal charger because it is much more robust and also offers two advantages: a button to switch off the charger and an LED light on the bottom that informs us about the charging status. Here, too, its double coil enables vertical or horizontal loading.

6. Nillkin Wireless Chargers: stylish and original

Nillkin is a well-known brand for their mobile screen protectors, but they also have a wide range of wireless chargers. We liked the “Magic Disk” and “Magic Cube” models the best, with the first being the typical round charger with a synthetic leather finish, while the second has a polygonal shape that lights up when our phone is charging.

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7. Beskin Wireless Car Charger: Charge your phone anywhere

Wireless car chargers have one great advantage: you have your cell phone in view, as they have a large magnetic force that holds the phone in place without tweezers or other devices, and you avoid annoying and dangerous cables in between. Hence, it is the best way to charge your phone in the car. If your phone is not well connected to the charger, you can also use the metal ring that came with the seller. You can find it at this link where you can also find other brands that offer this type of charger. The one we teach you is the one with the best score and the most sales, so it’s a safe bet

8. Wooden wireless charger: original and beautiful

The choice of a charger in many cases not only depends on its functionality, but also affects the aesthetics of the purchase. Well, at AliExpress we found a wide range of wooden wireless chargers (round or with vertical support to see your notifications) that, in addition to charging your smartphone, add an original touch to your desktop.

9. Captain America Wireless Charger – The perfect gift

Are you looking for an original charger to give away as a gift? This one that we show you below is perfect, its design is very original and fun, and its price (no more than 10 dollars) makes it the ideal candidate for lovers of Marvel movies and comics.

10. Includes lamp with wireless charger

As we mentioned above, several manufacturers have built charging stations into their products, one of the most popular being the Ikea lamps. However, its price (around 60 dollars) makes it quite inaccessible. However, at AliExpress we found some models for less than half (including shipping).