Portable Thermos Flasks are perfect for always having our favorite drink with you. But not all thermos flasks are created equal: only the best are able to maintain the temperature and prevent spills, and these thermos flasks tend to be the most expensive due to their high performance. For this reason, in the following article we show you a selection of the best cheap and high quality thermos flasks that you can find on AliExpress.

What characteristics should a good Portable Thermos have?

The thermoses you see below were chosen because of one or more properties that we consider important. They are almost indispensable for your thermos to last for many years and to enjoy the drinks you carry with you to the fullest.

  • Security Mechanism: It is important that our thermos is waterproof to avoid spilling liquids and to keep the temperature inside.
  • Portable size: If we need to take our thermos with us, it has to be big enough to stay hydrated but not be a burden.
  • Maintain temperature: This can add significantly to the price, but imagine if you could still drink the tea from your thermos hours after leaving the house, or drink fresh water in the middle of a hot day.
  • Resistant material: Not only is it important that the material withstand high temperatures, it’s also important that it doesn’t rust or deteriorate over time. Ceramic or plastic are not recommended.
  • No smells or flavors: So that your thermos does not store the taste of the drinks, it is better if it is made of electropolished steel or glass.
  • Self service: If you want to drink while exercising or hiking, you need an easy-to-use automatic dispenser in your thermos.

The 10 best Portable Thermoses on AliExpress

Finding thermoses on AliExpress is very easy. As you can see here, there are over 20,000 thermoses on this website. Some are replicated on different sellers, but if you are looking for the best cheap portable thermos, we have selected 10 thermos with the best features and verified reviews.

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Easy to open thermos

The first thermos is the leader in AliExpress, with thousands of sales and a score of 4.8 out of 5, and has everything you need to enjoy your favorite beverages anywhere, anytime. First of all, thanks to the easy-opening system, you can open your thermos with one hand and close the opening so that it does not open accidentally and its anti-spill system prevents liquid from leaking from the inside while it is closed.

This thermos is ideal for hot or cold drinks as it can hold the temperature for up to 12 hours and thanks to the 304 steel used inside the thermos, it avoids odors and smells. Its size is perfect to carry in your backpack: it has a capacity of 380 ml.In short, it is the perfect thermos: the comments of other buyers confirm that the thermos does what it says on the tin and costs less than 10 $.

Portable Coffee Thermos

If you are a coffee lover, you can now enjoy your favorite drink outside of the house, because this portable thermos can withstand the temperature for up to more than 8 hours. It has the typical take-away coffee cup shape, but has a practical safety system that prevents spillage. It also has small details that make your life easier: a non-slip silicone base, a small handle on the top for easy portability. It has a capacity of 500ml.

Leidfor High Quality Thermos

At AliExpress you will not only find white label thermos, but also international brands with better prices than in other online stores. Leidfor is a German brand that makes high-quality thermos flasks, which are characterized by being compact and keeping the temperature constant for up to 24 hours. They are made of high quality materials, anti-spill systems and some models even contain filters for tea. They have also won several design awards thanks to their minimalist style. Although these thermoses are very expensive, you can find them cheaper in their official AliExpress store.


Robust swell-style Thermos

The Swell brand has one of the best thermos flasks: they keep the temperature for hours without effort, but cost over 40 euros. But don’t worry, there are plenty of Thermoses on AliExpress that are inspired by their design, as you can see here. However, the cheapest bottles will not withstand the water for that long, so we recommend that you rely on this thermos from the Zanmini brand, which imitates the style of the swell and the composition of the double wall keeps the temperature of your favorite drink for up to 24 hours. Made of 304 stainless steel, it is portable and easy to clean.

Xiaomi Portable Thermos flasks

Xiaomi is one of the best Chinese brands, their products are characterized by excellent quality at a very reasonable price. So it’s not surprising that their thermo flasks are some of the best we can find on AliExpress.

One of the bestsellers is the Xiaomi Mijia Viomi, an easy-to-open bottle with a very minimalist design that is available in 3 different colors and with two volumes: 300 ml or 460 ml. It is made of high quality 316 stainless steel and that between the two walls The copper inside the bottle prevents heat transfer, so the temperature can be held for up to 24 hours.

The success of the first Xiaomi thermos was so great that the Asian company decided to further develop this market. The new Xiaomi KKF thermos was developed for sports lovers. Thanks to its upper handle, it can be carried comfortably in a backpack. In addition, this thermos has a new version with an Oled screen that shows the temperature of the drink.

Smart Thermos

Nowadays, technology has crept into our everyday lives to help us improve our lives. This Thermos bottle is used to improve our habits: on the display we can not only see the Temperature of the drink, but also program warnings that remind us to drink water. It has a capacity of 380 ml, is made of stainless steel 304 and can hold the temperature for up to 12 hours.


High quality Hydro Flask thermos

Hydro Flask is another brand that has become known for their high quality thermos flasks. They come in many sizes and colors, but they all share bright colors and high quality. They are made of 18/8 stainless steel, which transmits neither taste nor smell and keeps the temperature for hours.

Small Portable Thermos for Children

The best way to keep the little ones hydrated is to bring a small bottle of water with you. And if it still holds the temperature and they are also beautiful, success is guaranteed. On AliExpress, you can find cartoons and small capacity thermoses ideal for the little ones like this one.

Feijan sports water bottle

These thermoses are great, but if you play sports you will surely miss one that is easy to drink with. While there aren’t many, these seem like a great option thanks to their simple opening system and mouthpiece for easy drinking. Inside we find high quality stainless steel 316, which allows to maintain the temperature and avoid corrosion. It has a capacity of 450 ml and when it comes to its lightness it weighs only 220 grams.

Beautiful and high quality Zooobe Thermos

After all, the Zooobe store is one of the best for finding cheap, high quality thermoses. It has some thermoses that we talked about before and some as beautiful as this one that you see below. The prices are between 7 and 20 euros, depending on the size and design. So, if you haven’t found a thermos that you like, we recommend checking out the one of this brand.