Top 5 OZONE GENERATORS on AliExpress

Professional cleaning at home is getting easier and easier these days. Ozone is a molecule that contains three oxygen atoms, but it is also widely used for disinfecting the air around us, as an odor eliminator and also for water purification. However, it cannot be stored or transported so the only way to use it is to use an ozone generator.

Many professional cleaning companies use it for its great results. So if you want to use it at home without spending a lot of money, you’ll want to keep reading as today we are going to explain how to find cheaper ozone generators (also called ozonators). in AliExpress, the famous online sales platform of Chinese origin.

What is and how to use Ozone to Purify your Home

Ozone is a gas that enables the destruction of viruses, toxins and bacteria that create bad smells and pollute the air. Since it is a gas, it can easily reach all parts of the room. It does the same thing in water by removing odors and flavors without changing the pH or adding chlorine. To use it, all we need is an ozone generating machine that converts oxygen (O2) to ozone (O3).

Although it is a type of disinfectant that is used in industrial settings and large surfaces, it can also be used at home, where it can be very useful for removing unpleasant odors, cleaning the air, or using all types of surfaces Purify ozonated water, which replaces chemical products that are ideal for people with sensitivity.

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Top 5 Ozonizers (Ozone Generators) on AliExpress

The properties of ozone as an antiseptic cleaner are not a myth, but proven and certified. It used to be very difficult to find small household generators, but today, thanks to advances in technology, there are very compact ozonators with less power consumption. Although they are easy to find on AliExpress by clicking here, we have selected the top 5 based on their capacity, quality and consumption.

1. Compact Ozone Generator

If you plan to use your ozonator occasionally, your best bet is to buy a small one like this one you see below. It is a very complete model that we can program an operating cycle and working time so that it can be turned on repeatedly, eliminating recurring odors. It can work between 0 and 30 minutes and cycles from 1 to 12 hours can be programmed. It consumes 7 W and has an ozone output of 200 mg / h, it is effective in bathrooms, kitchens or small bedrooms.

2. Inexpensive high flow Ozonator

While its looks aren’t the prettiest, the ozonator you see below can purify the air of larger rooms thanks to its high flow rate of up to 10g / h and its low price. This is made possible by its high efficiency, with an energy consumption of 100 W. It is quite small, measures 146 x 56 x 80 mm and the best thing is its price.

3. Mini Ozone Generator

Portable ozone generators are very useful for purifying the air in small spaces or for using them in the car, at work or in the refrigerator. It has an air outlet capacity of up to 5 mg / h and a very low power consumption of only 0.4 W. Thanks to its battery, which can be easily charged via its USB port, it can run continuously for up to 15 hours. It can be operated continuously, in 30-minute cycles, or for 8 hours with 10 minutes of work and 2 minutes of rest.


4. Large Ozone Generator with timer

However, if you are looking for a large capacity ozonator that you can easily use and move from one room to another, your best bet is to choose one like the one pictured below with a sturdy metal box and a handle to move around. It is a quiet and efficient generator with an output of up to 10 g / h and a consumption of 110 W. At 1.8 kg and a size of 200 x 180 x 150 mm, it is slightly heavier than its predecessor. Best of all, it has a handy timer of up to 60 minutes.

5. Ozone Purifiers for Water and Air

So far we have taught you ozone air purifiers, but you can also purify water with ozone, which is very convenient for cleaning fruit or any surface in our home without using bleach. The best thing to do if you are interested in an ozonator that can be used in water is to buy a mixed one (it can be used for water and for air). This one, which you see below, comes in very handy as it has a programming screen. It has a flow rate of up to 500 mg / h with a consumption of only 18 W and weighs only 1 kg.