Top 5 SMART TOILETS on AliExpress

If you’ve ever traveled to Japan, I’m sure you’ll agree: Japanese toilets are something from another world. With them, going to the bathroom with the water jet, the heating system integrated in the pool or the option to dry with air only becomes an experience. Surely you will think that one of these toilets is out of your reach, but thanks to the smart cups you can find on AliExpress it is easier than it seems.

We analyze the 5 best smart mugs on AliExpress

This website is one of the best reviews to buy your Smart Seat as you will find Chinese brands such as Xiaomi, Foheel or Ecofresh specialized in these products. We’re going to analyze the top 5.

Xiaomi Smartmi Smart Mug

One of the best-selling mugs is that of Xiaomi, the most popular Chinese brand thanks to its products with great value for money. It is a cover with an intelligent sensor that recognizes the seated user and can be controlled via its control on the right-hand side. We can regulate the temperature of the seat, configure a night light and all the parameters of water purification: position, temperature, intensity.

To ensure effective cleaning, the cup itself contains a cotton filter that removes impurities from the water that cleans us. Also, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning your toilet every day, the bowl has a self-cleaning system with UV sterilization that eliminates up to 99% of bacteria, including E. coli, staphylococcus and candida particles.

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It is made of an antibacterial material and adapts to most toilets, its installation is very simple and you can find it on this link. The only negative point is that it doesn’t have a hairdryer.

Foheel heated toilet bowl

This Foheel branded mug is a bestseller for its great properties. Its design is said to improve water flow and have a more powerful jet. Thanks to its construction, it can heat up to 95% of the seat surface and the water heats up immediately, with 3 temperature levels both in the seat and in the water.

In addition, thanks to its Nidec motor, we can dry paperless thanks to its hot air. As in the previous case, the mug has UV light that emits negative, antibacterial ions that purify the air. It also has a triple filter to help remove contaminants. It is controlled via the buttons on the side or with your remote control.

Ecofresh bowl, adaptable to Several Toilets

What we like the most about this bowl is that there are several different models that can adapt to any toilet. You can also choose between a remote control or a bezel built into the side of the bowl. The most important thing is that it has a double jet of water, one for men and one for women, which changes the direction and type of jet of each one. The jet creates a massage effect by trapping water and oxygen.

It does not have a hot water tank, but it heats the water that flows through its ceramic circuit and provides hot water immediately, saving energy. It has a 4-stage drying function and the cup can be heated. It has an odor elimination mode, but it does not have an anti-bacterial mode with UV rays.

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Smart mug with Foheel spa function

Our next choice is a smart mug with a spa function and many other interesting functions, such as the children’s mode, so that the little ones can use it too. It can be used via its remote control, although it includes an HD screen at the top and a button on the side. Its SPA mode offers complete cleaning.

In addition to the self-cleaning mode, it has night light, heated seats, a dryer with 4 intensity levels and several jet modes to adapt to your taste and needs. The cup is padded and very quiet. You can find it by clicking here.

Foheel square smart seat

Finally, if your toilet is square, you can also get smart seats with that shape through this link. The most popular is that of the Foheel brand as it is the most complete square smart mug. Actually, they are the same ones we saw in the first Foheel model: intelligent water jet, seat heating, air drying, antibacterial sterilization with UV light, water filter, you just have to choose the size and type of seat control: with remote control or with a side keypad .

Our opinion on these smart seats and how to shop safely on AliExpress

As you can see, finding smart seats for your toilet is a lot easier and cheaper than it seems, especially if we go for these models from AliExpress. Now all you have to do is choose which one is best for you in terms of features, price and dimensions. From our point of view, choosing a model with wireless control or an antibacterial system with UV light can be a good option, if you have doubts between the different models, Xiaomi is always a success due to its good value for money.