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Shein is one of the Best sites for Shopping for Cheap Clothes. And you can also buy from anywhere as it ships to almost every country in the world. If you live in EE.UU and are wondering which carrier your Shein package will arrive with and how it will be delivered, we will answer all your doubts.

Who delivers the Shein Packages in EE.UU?

Parcel delivery can be done with different companies. However, to find out more, we first need to know which shipment we selected: low cost shipping or standard shipping. Shein’s own tracking number usually shows who the company is delivering the package and the tracking number. However, if it doesn’t show anything, we’ll give you some keys so you know who has your package. Remember that in EE.UU you also have the option of receiving our packages at a collection point and in this case you can see the tracking update, but it is usually more limited.

Parcel Shipping with Standard Shipping

This is the most commonly used broadcast. This means that the package will reach us in 2 or 3 weeks and we can track the shipment. Standard Shipping orders can be delivered through a number of different companies, so we’ll need to look at the tracking number if we want more clues as to who is delivering it:

  • If it starts at 30: delivered by 4PX Express
  • If you start with PQ or UX: It will be delivered by the post office.
  • If you start with SEU: Seur delivers it.
  • If it starts with 00: supplied by CTT.
  • If you start with 61, 51, 52, 53: supplied by GLS
  • If it starts with 54: supplied by Celeritas
  • If it starts with YN or YT: supplied by CTT Express
  • If it starts with 0028: It is supplied by Envialia
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But there are more transport companies that deliver Shein packages like Zeleris, Zelent, Urvaam, etc you can’t make up your mind, one will be given at random based on availability. In general, they all work well and deliver orders on time, although there can always be problems or delays. Remember that if you don’t arrive on time, you will need to contact Shein to request a refund.

To see where your package is, you can go directly to Shein to see the latest tracking messages and the company delivering the package.

Parcel Shipping with economy shipping

If you have chosen cheap shipping, your package will be delivered by the postman. In cities without a local post office, it will be a postman from an affiliated postal company.

You will receive your package in around 4 or 6 weeks and although it has a tracking number it will only work while it is in the country of origin. Because of this, it’s best to buy standard shipping, which is trackable and faster. Most cheap shipments begin with the acronym TECS. Although the follow-up is no longer updated when it arrives in EE.UU, we see a message “on delivery” from Shein.

Package delivery at Punto Pack

If you have requested delivery of your order to an activated packing point, Shein will provide you with a tracking number so that you can see the various states the order is going through. What we cannot know is who is managing the shipment as there can be multiple carriers and this does not affect our delivery as it is done through a Mondial Relay point.

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Most Punto Pack orders have a tracking number that starts at 59 or consists of all of the numbers. Tracking can be done by Shein or through other tracking apps.

Frequently Asked questions about parcel Delivery Shein

We have compiled your most frequently asked questions about how parcel delivery works. You can also find more answers in this section of Shein’s Customer Service Center.

What do I do if my order hasn’t been moved for days?

Shipments travel through many states from leaving the warehouse of origin to being delivered to the recipient. As a result, the state update can sometimes take longer than expected. If it’s been a long time your best bet is to contact Shein.

Which Transport Company is better?

As mentioned earlier, the company that delivers the packages is randomly assigned. In addition, the transport companies can be very different depending on the city or center in which they are located. It is best to choose standard shipping as we can see the tracking of the order and have updated information.

Will you notify me when the package is delivered?

It depends on the company. In some cases the deliverer calls during the delivery day or an informative SMS arrives. However, they can also deliver it to you without notice.

What if i’m not home?

If you are not home, a new delivery attempt will be made or a message will be left to postpone delivery. If so, it might be a good idea to contact the transport company to see if this happens again.

My follow-up says “delivery failed”, why?

Sometimes this message appears when we are not at home and the deliverer has come to deliver the package. We should only worry if the message includes “return to origin” which would mean they failed to deliver it and it is going back to the country of origin.

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What if my follow-up says “Delivered” and you haven’t received it?

The best way to write and complain is through Shein’s customer service chat. You can also call the shipping company that delivers the package for more information.

The delivery company has bad reviews, should I be concerned?

Unfortunately, we are all quick to get negative comments when there are problems, but when things are going well we don’t have that much urgency to get the world across. In addition, each local office may be different and, like any other business, punctuality may be affected during certain times of higher demand.

How can I contact the Company Delivering my Package?

It’s best to search for the phone number using Google or the address and phone number of the company’s local office. If you are not given further information, it is best to contact Shein.

My order was split into two packages, how does this affect the delivery?

In this case, the order acts as two independent orders for shipping purposes: they can arrive from different companies and on different dates. Shein will give you the tracking number of the two parcels so that you can track it.