TRICK How To Get AliExpress COINS

Did you know that you can make extra savings with AliExpress coins? Since many of you have doubts about what they are and how to get them, in today’s post we are going to see everything there is to know in detail.

What are AliExpress currencies and what are they used for?

AliExpress currencies are virtual currencies that each of us (buyers) can collect and store in our account and then exchange for AliExpress discount vouchers. Then we can use these coupons to save on our purchases. We can get these coins by completing a series of daily missions, playing games, or making purchases. (We’ll tell you more about it later).

How do I know How Many Coins I have Accumulated?

To see how many coins you have, go to the app’s start page and click on “Coins” in the top bar. When entering, you will see the coins you have collected so far on the left. Clicking on it will also show the history of coins earned and spent over the last 30 days.

How can I get more Coins from AliExpress?

AliExpress offers us the opportunity to receive your coins in the following ways:

  • Daily check-in
  • Through different games
  • With daily missions from AliExpress

As you can see, you can always get coins by being more active on the app. So let’s see what the three previous sections are made up of.

Daily check-in

One way to get coins easily is to check-in daily on the AliExpress app. Every day you do the number of coins won increases compared to the previous one as long as you remember to do this (otherwise you will start over). Checking in is very easy: enter the Coins section, click the chest icon in the top right corner and confirm.


AliExpress games

Remember that while playing one of these games will cost you AliExpress coins, the most normal thing is that even if you are not very lucky, you will get back the cost you cost to play. So don’t be afraid to try your luck. Most of the games can be found in the app under “My Account” in the “Games” section. While you can’t get coins in all of them, now we’ll see which ones you can get in.

Surprise letters

With “Surprise Cards” you can pick up two cards at random to reveal the coins hidden under each of them. It costs 5 coins, but in our experience you never lose anything (at most you stay the same) and the most normal thing is to win coins quickly. You can shoot up to 10 times a day.

The ruletón

Ruletón is a more specialized game that has its own section on the application’s cover sheet (in the top bar next to “Coins”). We love this game because it is very easy for your first few playthroughs to get discount coupons from AliExpress in addition to coins. But gaming is a little different here as you need your friends’ help (the more spins you want to do in a day, the more friends will have to “help” you).

All you have to do is invite your friends to click the link you send them (the fastest way is via WhatsApp) and when you’re done you can spin the roulette wheel. You can also win bigger prizes like AirPods, cell phones, robotic vacuum cleaners.

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Spin and win

Playing is very simple: go to the “Coins” section and click on Spin and win “Play” (each game will cost you 10 coins). The roulette wheel will automatically stop at your prize (you can win coins, coupons or prizes).

The magic garden

This game is not one of our favorites as it is quite slow to win prizes like coins or coupons. However, if you have the time and want to fill your “wallet”, you can try your luck. In this game you have to plant and care for a plant by watering or fertilizing it (depending on your needs). You have free water for this every three hours (although you can buy it outright). You will get different prices as the plant grows, but if you forget about it, it will die and you will have to start over.

AliExpress daily missions

These missions can be found in the “Coins” section and click on “Tasks“. The missions make it easy to get coins by simply completing the tasks AliExpress sends you such as: B. Put an article in your shopping cart, add a product or a shop to your favorites list.

How can I exchange my coins for coupons?

You can only redeem coins on the AliExpress app by clicking here. If when you exchange your coins you find that the coupon you want has been used up, don’t worry: AliExpress renews them every hour with a new batch of coupons, so all you have to do is wait and be aware of the new round. If you want to know more about them, we recommend checking out the AliExpress Promotional Codes article, where we explain how they work and how to get them.


Do the AliExpress coins expire?

No, AliExpress coins, although they initially expired, they do not currently have an expiration date so you can safely collect them. Of course, once you exchange them for coupons, they have a time limit for use, which is stated on each coupon. So if you already have a discount coupon, don’t get lost and use it ASAP.