TUTORIAL Cancel an AliExpress ORDER

Sometimes we have Doubts after the Purchase and want to cancel the order. First of all, it must be taken into account that a cancellation is only possible if the order has not yet been dispatched. If the order is already on the way, we are not talking about cancellation, but about dispute or refund.

How to Cancel an AliExpress order in 2023 

There are several reasons why you can cancel on AliExpress: if you made a mistake (size, color, address…), that the seller takes a long time to ship your order, or that you simply regret your purchase. How to cancel your AliExpress order in various situations.

Cancel before payment

The order can be canceled automatically (without the seller having to confirm it) while the payment is being verified, that is, in the first few minutes after the order has been paid. During this period you only have to enter this section and your order list, click on “Cancel order” in the relevant order and select one of the options that the platform shows you.

Even if you cancel after a minute, AliExpress will process the payment and then start a refund process that may take a few days.

Cancel after payment

If you want to cancel the order after the payment is confirmed you can still do so from here, but in that case the seller will have to accept the cancellation. It is therefore possible that you have already sent the order and do not accept the cancellation. If you reject the request and submit the order, you have the right as the cancellation must be confirmed by the seller.

Our recommendation in this case is that you send the seller a message by clicking on this link and telling them “Contact seller“. Here you explain the reasons for the cancellation of the order and ask him to accept it. You can contact from your store or by ordering. In addition, it is also important that we select “other reasons” as the reason for the cancellation request, as the remaining reasons may disadvantage the seller and reject your request.


Cancel an Order that has already been sent

Unfortunately, an order cannot be canceled if the seller has already shipped it. If you have regretted the purchase, please go to this page and see if the order has a free return. If so, you can return it to the seller without paying for a full refund. This post provides the exact steps you need to take to return the order.

If I Cancel, will I get my Money Back?

If they accept your cancellation, they will refund the money. Even if you cancel automatically after placing your order, AliExpress processes the payment first, so you will have to wait a few days for AliExpress to give you the refund.

You can check the status of your refund here by accessing the order, clicking “View Details” and opening the “Payment” (or “Finance”) tab, there you will see the status of the return and if there is much left get your money back. If the three dots you see in the picture are orange, AliExpress has completed the return process, but it may still take a few days depending on your bank. Sometimes the refund can arrive before the three orange dots appear. If it has been a long time since the refund process started, we recommend reading our article on what to do if I don’t get my refund money from AliExpress.

I Canceled an Order that was Paid for with a Coupon, can I get it back?

Well it depends on the type of coupon. For example, if it is an AliExpress voucher and it has been applied to multiple products, we can reclaim it if all the products paid for with the voucher have been canceled. However, if the voucher had an expiration date and this date has already passed, we may not get it back. It is also possible that we do not reclaim any coupons from the seller or discounts that were granted through a promotional code.


The seller did not accept my cancellation… what can I do?

All you need to do is negotiate with the seller, we recommend that you contact the seller as soon as possible. But if you’ve already shipped, there’s little you can do… In these cases, opening a dispute won’t help as the seller can refuse and send an order cancellation request. So if you want to cancel an order, do so ASAP and inform the seller to avoid shipping. Remember, sellers always ship orders faster so you get your product in the shortest possible time.

How do I know if the Seller Accepted the Cancellation?

If the money is correctly refunded, the order will appear in the “Deleted Orders” section which you can review. Keep in mind that it usually takes a couple of days.

How to change an order

You may just need to change some features of the order, such as: B. Address, color, size… Unfortunately, there is no way to change an order. You can try sending a message to the seller explaining the changes. However, some will ask you to cancel the order and buy again. You have to cancel the order and place it again. Go to the detail of your order and click on “Cancel Order” or go back to the beginning to read the detailed explanation of how to cancel an order.

Order Canceled by the seller or AliExpress (“Delivery Canceled”)

Sometimes when entering our order list we discover that one has been canceled without our request. It is also possible that the message “canceled” suddenly appears during the shipment. For this reason we have an article in which we let you know the reasons why an order can be canceled by the seller or AliExpress, usually this happens because the order was not dispatched within the preparation time or for security reasons.
One of your most frequently asked questions is when you see a “Delivery Canceled” message in the follow-up. This occurs when there is a problem with the shipment, it could be for several reasons: the courier (the one from China) did not collect the order at the seller’s warehouse, the seller realizes too late that he is out of stock or has stopped and the order is sent back to the warehouse by Chinese Customs.


This is a seller’s mistake and it is not at fault so get your money back no need to worry about it. First of all, we recommend that you contact the seller and ask them what happened: they usually apologize, accept their mistake and suggest that we send you the order again. If he asks you to send you the order again, make sure he gives you a tracking number for the package. Another option is to ask them to return the money for which you need to open a dispute on AliExpress.