TUTORIAL Dropshipping with Aliexpress

Many of you are asking us How to Start a Business using AliExpress products. Today we are going to explain how the “Dropshipping” system works, a great way to run an online business without worrying about inventory or product shipping.

AliExpress is a good place to start your online business as many sellers offer Dropshipping products as you can see below. We’ll teach you how to make the most of it and how to find sellers who offer Dropshipping on AliExpress.

What is Dropshipping?

The Dropshipping system is quite well known in the online trading world. It consists of the sale of products (mostly online), but with the peculiarity that the seller usually does not have the goods in his facilities, but asks his wholesaler to ship the product directly to the end customer. Therefore, the retailer does not have to worry about the storage or shipping of the products, but merely acts as an intermediary between the wholesaler (in this case the AliExpress provider) and the end customer (who pays for the product).

Advantages and Disadvantages of this System

There are great advantages to this, as you can understand, in that you avoid having to buy products to have in your warehouse and the risk of not selling them with the consequent loss of money. In theory, dropshipping is the ideal business model: it doesn’t consume any resources, you just get benefits. It is a way to build an online business inexpensively and with little investment. All you need to do is create a good sales platform and be committed to growing your business in the best possible way and avoiding storage or shipping costs.

On the other hand, this system also has disadvantages: we have to find reliable suppliers, we cannot check the quality of the product ourselves and the delivery time can be a bit long compared to other online stores. Of course, if you are starting this type of business and looking for a good strategy that will balance the potential difficulties with the great advantages that buyers can find in your store: search for original products, difficult to find on other sites, or selling them cheaper than other platforms can be a good strategy.

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Is it worth it to Start a Dropshipping Business with AliExpress?

In short, starting a business through dropshipping is a lot easier. AliExpress is a good website to find suppliers because you can find thousands of sellers, millions of different and original products, and best of all, very cheap prices. But like I said, you need a good seller who you can trust and who offers this shipping method.

How to Find Reliable Dropshipping Sellers on AliExpress in 2023 

There are sites that specialize in creating AliExpress dropshipping stores, but the purpose of our article is not to recommend an intermediary, but to explain how you can do it yourself without the need for a third party. Finding dropshipping sellers is the toughest task. We recommend adding the word dropshipping to your search as we have done here to find watches with this type of service.

Another option is to find the products you want to buy and ask the seller if they refuse to ship (and ask them not to include any invoices or advertisements). The third option is to order from a store by providing the customer’s address and, as mentioned earlier, asking not to put up any advertising, that is, it would be as if we were ordering for ourselves, but for someone else Website would send.

In any case, you must provide the customer’s address when purchasing and wait for the seller to send it. It is advisable to write down the purchase data (order number, tracking number, price, date of purchase …) in an Excel file so that we can monitor our purchases.

Why Dropship with AliExpress

Another question when starting this type of business concerns the guarantees offered by AliExpress sellers. On this page we summarize the advantages that exist when buying and from which you can benefit when setting up:

Returns and Refunds

If there is a problem with the product, you must open a dispute by providing evidence and receive a partial or full refund (depending on the error). In addition, some sellers offer the option of sending the product back to a national warehouse in the event that the product received differs from the one requested. To find products with this service, you need to filter your search as follows.

Now you can too Return products free of charge within 15 days for some selected products. So by choosing sellers with this option, your buyers can benefit from this option. If the product arrives in poor condition or late, you need to open a dispute and claim the AliExpress seller. For more information on how it works, see our Refunds, Disputes, and Complaints Guide.


Local Shipping

Some sellers have a warehouse in different parts of the world: Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, USA, etc. that is, if you live in UK, for example, you can receive the packages as soon as possible and without customs problems. To find products with local shipping you need to filter your search as we show you below. Please see our article on local delivery and return products for more information.

If you are from UK, there is currently a new AliExpress portal where you can buy products with local shipping, receipt in a maximum of 7 days and a 1 year guarantee.

Fast Delivery

There are several shipping methods on AliExpress and some have very short delivery times. But AliExpress also improves the conditions of its shipments every time. In addition to being able to find sellers with a local warehouse, you can also receive the products in less time thanks to fast delivery in up to 10 days. It’s not available in all countries, but it’s a great option.

There are also some shipments such as AliExpress Standard Shipping that are agreed with some transport companies and will arrive in your country faster. Even if you can’t choose a seller with a national warehouse or fast shipping, you still have the option of receiving your order faster than other online sales platforms.

Mobile phone warranty

If you are thinking of starting a business selling smartphones of Chinese origin, AliExpress is a fantastic provider as the site offers a national guarantee for your country in addition to the advantages mentioned earlier. This service is not available in all countries, check the ad for the warranty terms of your purchase.

Reliable Sellers and recommended brands

You can find quality products at a great price on AliExpress, and this is one of the reasons why dropshipping with this platform is a good business idea. As we said earlier, not all sellers do dropshipping, but we encourage you to carefully look at the seller’s score before making a purchase.

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Customs and tax payment

Before starting any Dropshipping Business with AliExpress, you should keep in mind that we may have to pay customs duties when purchasing overseas, although this is easy to avoid when purchasing small and small products. If you only want to sell to one country, the best thing to do is to research its customs regulations. Our buying guides by country can also help you by providing more personalized information:

Sizes and measurements on AliExpress

While we get a lot of questions about sizes on AliExpress, and you may know this is a controversial topic, picking a size on this platform is very easy as sellers use measurement charts. All you need to do is measure by yourself or follow the seller’s instructions and choose the size. By following these tips, you will always get the right sizes. For more information, see our size chart on AliExpress.

Dropshipping or bulk purchase, which is better?

Sometimes you ask us which is better, wholesale or dropship? Well, these are completely different sales systems. Dropshipping completely avoids having products in stock, which is very useful as you avoid losing money. However, if you want to open a physical store or offer a shorter delivery time, you have to opt for bulk buying.

What if I want to sell on AliExpress?

However, if you already have your provider and want to start selling on this online platform, it has been possible for some time now to sell on AliExpress from some European countries. It’s a great way to start your business in an international market with low commissions, a great alternative to Amazon. We’ll also give you some tips for selling in China (but not through AliExpress).