As you know, in Shein you can Find Clones of practically every model, both haute couture designers and Zara. But sometimes it is difficult to find the right model as Shein’s catalog is endless. That’s why we created a simple Google Chrome extension that allows you to search for images in Shein with a single click.
For example, if you like this dress from Zara all you have to do is right click and hit “Find Shein”:

And right now, all of these results appear in Shein (all much cheaper than the original):

Install it for free by clicking here and read on, now we’ll tell you all you can do with it.

How to Install the Shein Image Search Engine

If you are unfamiliar with extensions, all you need to know is that they are small applications that install on your computer’s browser that you can use to perform additional tasks. (Yes, at the moment it’s not available for mobile devices, only for computers. But it’s always more convenient to buy from PC, isn’t it?) To install it, all you have to do is click on this link and hit Add to Chrome.


After that, I recommend that you set the extension in the browser bar. To do this, click on the puzzle symbol and then on the pin symbol next to the name: You will see that the extension icon (the S in the magnifying glass) is always visible in the browser:


This is how Shein’s image search works

There are two ways to use the Image Search Engine. The first is the one we mentioned at the beginning: just right-click an image you can find on the internet and click “Search on Shein“. The second is for finding an image that is on your computer and not online. If you click on the extension icon you will see that you can upload a local file:

In both cases, a screen immediately opens with the results:

Bonus: You can also Search for products by ID

Sometimes someone posts on Instagram accounts or on forums that a certain product has a clone in Shein whose ID is a number like 1435253:

To find this product in Shein all you have to do is click on the extension and click on By ID:

You enter the number, click on “Search on Shein” and the garment page opens immediately. We hope you find it useful!