As you may already know, a new section called “AliExpress Pocket” appeared in the AliExpress menu for a few days. It’s one of the latest news that AliExpress has picked up, and in this post we explain what it is and how it works.

Tutorial aliexpress pocket

AliExpress Pocket: what is it?

Today you can find the famous “gift cards” on almost all online sales platforms, which are used, for example, to give away to family and friends so that they can shop in their favorite online shop. AliExpress has finally joined this initiative and developed “Aliexpress Pocket”, gift cards that we currently only use as credit on our personal account, but which we can also give away in the future.

How can i get it?

To buy them we just need to access the My Orders> “My Aliexpress Bag” section. The first thing we find is a summary of the status of our available “balance” and on the right we find the “Buy Alimini Pocket” button.

AliExpress Pocket Credit Cards

We can buy $ 10, $ 20, $ 50, $ 100, and $ 150 cards. The money is non-refundable, the credit expires in 3 years from the date of purchase and discounts or coupons cannot be used when purchasing the cards.

AliExpress Bags Gift Cards

After purchase, the value of the gift card is automatically added to your balance and you only need to select this payment method when purchasing.

What are the benefits of AliExpress Pocket Shopping Cards?

According to the AliExpress site, not only does the payment take much less time, as there is no need to enter payment details, but the refund of the money in the event of a dispute is also much faster. Remember that if a return is made, some of the time it takes is attributable to our own bank. Since the money is returned to your Aliexpress Pocket balance, it will arrive much faster.

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But how does the return work?

They work like any other payment method, but instead of receiving the money in the bank, the money is returned to the AliExpress balance. As already mentioned, this also significantly shortens the return time.

Our Review on AliExpress gift cards

While it’s a minor innovation, we at Aliexba think it’s a good idea if they can be sent to other accounts as well. It can be a great gift for those alias or an easier way to pay and receive returns. On the other hand, the fact that the money is non-refundable forces us to use it on AliExpress purchases, which is normal with gift cards, but may be less attractive if we can’t gift them yet and can only use it as a credit to our purchases.