Type of CLOTHES From VADIM Store

At AliExpress you will find very cheap and high quality clothing. One of the most famous stores is SheInside, but there are many other alternatives and the Vadim Store is one of the best for buying cheap fashionable women’s clothing. Their clothes follow the latest trends, similar to Zara, Mango or H&M, but at half the price. In this post, we are going to explain everything you need to know about Vadim garments and the AliExpress official store.

As you will see, this store has over 1,500 items of clothing and brings new items to market every week. So, if you are into fashion and are waiting for a piece of clothing to be in vogue this season, we encourage you to stop by regularly to see what’s new. The prices are very affordable and right now it garners 96.8% of positive votes with an average of 12,000 sales per month. All you have to do is look at other buyers’ comments and photos to check the quality of their clothes.

What is wadim? What kind of clothes do you sell?

This clothing store is one of the most popular on AliExpress with 6 years of experience. Formerly known as “Caroline Fashion”, it was initially famous for selling clothes similar to those of Zara and Mango, but over time it has created its own style of clothing, always following the latest fashion trends and with weekly news.

His style is current for women of all ages. Best of all, unlike other Chinese brands, its size is more similar to the European one (always referring to the size chart) and with sizes up to XL.

Type of clothes and accessories from the Vadim Store on AliExpress

But what surely interests you most is to know and see everything that you will find in this business. To find all of their clothing items, all you have to do is click here, but we’ll show you the best-selling clothing items in each category.

Tops and tops

This is one of the areas with the greatest variety of products and in it we can find long or short sleeved shirts, blouses, t-shirts, bodies. There are more than 600 different items of clothing so you can find almost any style you are looking for. These are some examples of their best selling tops.

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All kinds of clothes

If the previous section is the one with the most clothes, the dresses section is undoubtedly the most popular with AliExpress shoppers as we all like to have dresses for every occasion in our closet, especially when they are as cheap as those found in Vadim. You can find dresses in pin-up, vintage, modern, midi and oriental styles.

Sweaters and sweatshirts

Sweaters and sweatshirts used to be boring clothes, they were only used to keep warm when it was very cold. However, in recent years they have become fashionable and have become a warm, functional and beautiful piece of clothing. In the Vadim shop on AliExpress you can find both modern and classic sweaters and sweatshirts.

Coats and Jackets

While there isn’t a lot of variety, this is one of my favorite areas in the Vadim store as a jacket, blazer or coat can make a difference in any look and they are so cheap here that you don’t have to worry about the price have to. You will find kimonos, blazers, vests, leather or lambskin jackets.

Pants, Skirts and Overalls

In this last section you will find trousers, skirts and overalls that are ideal for your wardrobe: you will find both work trousers and items of clothing with fashionable prints, as you can see here there are more than 300 different items of clothing and their price does not reach 15 $.

Vadim’s star products on AliExpress: dresses, blazers, pants

Vadim integrates new clothes every week, so the bestsellers can vary, and unlike other AliExpress stores, it works seasonally, so we don’t find the same year after year. However, the best-selling items of clothing are those that follow the trends of last season, that is, items of clothing similar to those of Zara, Mango or other fashion stores, which are sold out or very expensive in the original stores: printed dresses, blazers or jackets, fashionable pants.

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Frequently asked questions about the Vadim Store

Many of you ask us how to choose clothes on AliExpress, buy a variety of clothes to refresh your wardrobe, or find quality clothes. As years of experts in buying clothes on this website, we are going to explain our best tricks to buy cheap, high quality clothes direct from China.

The quality of Vadim clothing on AliExpress

The quality of the clothes in this store is pretty similar to that of budget brands (which are now at pretty high prices). The fabrics are usually cotton or synthetic, because of their price range we will not be able to find silk, wool, cashmere … That is why clothes such as dresses, t-shirts, t-shirts or skirts are most sold in this shop because they make the difference too barely notice the clothes that you can find in stores in your country.

NOTICE: Most of the photos promoting the product were taken in a studio and it is difficult to see the details of them. So it is highly recommended to read other buyers’ comments. See photos and comments of other clothes in the same Vadim category as the quality and workmanship are similar.

Free shipping with tracking number

Vadim offers free shipping to most countries in the world. The shipping offered as standard includes a tracking number. If you are thinking of renovating your closet, you can buy multiple items of clothing at once without the package size being very large, d stop at inches.

Although it is tempting to order it with a private courier as orders arrive much faster, we do not recommend choosing this shipping method as most private couriers tend to charge customs duties regardless of the size of the package or the products it contains. Customs costs are borne by the buyer.

Sizes and other tips for buying clothes Vadim

The biggest problem with buying clothes on AliExpress is not the right size: many of you write to us asking how to return clothes to the seller if there is an error in the size, and it is quite complicated as the shipping cost to China is have to be paid by buyer. For this reason, it is very important to look at the measurement chart for each garment and not trust the numbering. Although their sizes (S, M, L and XL) are quite similar to the European or USA, we recommend that you always choose one size larger when in doubt.


It is best to buy your measurements with those of the product. As a recommendation, it is always advisable to analyze which measure is most restrictive in our body. For a dress, for example, it can be the size of the chest, the shoulders or the length of the dress or the sleeves if we are tall. In the case of pants, it can be the hips and the length.

It is also worth looking at the comments of other buyers, a lot of people commenting that the chosen size fits them, you can even see how it fits. If you have already bought from Vadim, remember to rate the garment and explain your experience. We all welcome comments from other buyers!

In short: is it worth buying clothes in the AliExpress store in Vadim?

If it is worthwhile for us to buy clothes in the Vadim store on AliExpress, we can even tell you that we have had a very good experience buying from this store. The clothing is modern in style and with good finishes. Best of all, shipping is free and there’s an extensive catalog of new items every week.

As for the inconvenience, this store has so many sales that if you have any questions or problems it is difficult to treat us personally. In addition, the customer bears the return costs. Follow the advice we left you above to make your purchase right.