What does “Accepted by LOGISTICS COMPANY” mean on AliExpress?

What does “Accepted by Logistics Company” mean on AliExpress? Another question you have while tracking your order is what does “Accepted by the logistics company” mean. Little can be inferred from the name, so we’ll explain in more detail what it is and if there is anything you need to do.

What does “Accepted by the logistics company” mean?

When the order arrives in your country, which is by air or sea, it first goes through customs control in the centers that Correos has at the airport and in the seaport. Rest assured, this doesn’t mean your package will be held. But we’ll talk about this later in this post. After the customs clearance is completed, the order is “accepted by the logistics company”. This means that Post Office has already received and accepted the package and is about to deliver it to you.

Hence, it is one of the normal courses that all packages have and you don’t have to worry or do anything. More about this in our article Order Status on AliExpress.

Why does it appear in the tracking of some orders and not others?

As mentioned earlier, all of your orders must be accepted by the post office or some other private messenger; However, if sometimes it doesn’t show up in tracking (which you can do through the AliExpress app or website) it is because this section doesn’t always work properly and is often not updated in real time.


Even so, it is necessary that you regularly check the status of your order in case there is a problem with shipping.

What are the next steps?

Once your package has been accepted by the logistics company, it will be forwarded to the mass registration centers (CAM) for classification and sent to an automated processing center. We’ll explain this to you in the article Arriving at the Distribution Center in AliExpress.

Customs: the previous step of “Accepted by the logistics company”

All packages go through customs before they are accepted by the courier company that brings the order home. This inspection is carried out by customs agents who carry out eye inspections (by eye, let’s go) and hold back the packages they think are irregular.

The most normal thing is that your order will not be checked if it is not noticeable for its heavy weight and bulk.

Which orders are checked by customs?

Note that these shipments are usually declared with an amount of less than 22 euros in order to avoid VAT and customs duties.

Parcels that fail the first manual selection are scanned and, if irregularities are found, opened by the postal staff in the presence of customs agents.

When is an order held by customs?

If, when opening the package, the customs broker finds that the value of the package is more than 22 euros, they will ask you for all the documentation in order to carry out a tax assessment. That is, they will ask you for an invoice or proof of purchase so they know how much VAT or duties you will have to pay.

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In this case, Correos will normally contact you to produce the documentation, but if your order contains a counterfeit it will be destroyed.

Will I have problems with customs?

Due to the horrendous order volume, it is most normal that you pass the first manual selection without any problems. It is unusual for your purchase to be subject to customs, but not impossible. However, with the good prices that AliExpress offers, it is still worth buying through this platform even if you place an order from time to time.