What does ARRIVAL at DESTINATION mean on AliExpress?

One of the questions you usually ask us when checking the status of your order is, what does “arrival at the destination country” mean? If you have any doubts about this, read on: in this post we explain what it is and what steps to follow next. Remember, you can check the most recent status of your AliExpress order by clicking here and clicking “Follow Order“.

What does “Arrival at Destination” Mean on AliExpress?

If the status of your order reflects “Destination Country“, it means that your order has already arrived in your country, either by air or by ship, and is approximately half the way to your home. .

What are the next steps?

Let’s take a look at the steps your order goes through after “Arrival in the destination country”:

Customs clearance

Keep in mind that all orders placed from outside the European Union go through this control and while this can in principle be a matter of concern to you, you should remain calm. With this procedure, there are almost never any problems, and it usually doesn’t take long.

If you’ve been lucky enough to purchase your order from an AliExpress warehouse in the EU, skip this step directly. To find out more about AliExpress warehouses in the EU, just read our article “What is the standard shipping method for Cainiao Warehouse on AliExpress?”

Accepted by the Logistics Company

Once the customs clearance is completed, your country’s national post office will accept the package and deliver it to your home. The domestic post is the courier company responsible for most AliExpress orders, as long as you don’t order a private express delivery company like UPS, DHL, EMS, when you place your order).

Arrival at the Distribution Center

In this step, your order is sent to major postal centers where it is classified and sent to smaller centers (in this case the one that corresponds to your closest geographic area). Once they get to these smaller centers all they have to do is mail it to your local post office.

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Arrival at the Delivery Center

This is one of the final statuses of your order and the one that makes us happiest: your order is already in your city office and all that’s left for you to do is prepare it for the postman who will take it home.

Delivery man begins with the delivery of the order

Stay tuned because today you’re finally receiving your order from AliExpress!

My order is stopped when it arrives at the destination country

A question that you very often have on the subject of “Arrival at the destination country” is: I have an order that went normally and suddenly stalled at “Arrival at the destination country”. Is something happening to customs?

Check if your shipment is normal

Remember that once a regular order arrives in your country, you will no longer be able to track it. Therefore, with this type of shipment, it is normal for your shipment tracking to stop working for you once it arrives in UK and to stop at that point. It will only be brought forward when you receive it at home and it appears to you as a “completed order”.