WHAT does “DELIVERY” Mean on AliExpress?

One of the questions we have been asking us lately is what “DELIVERY” means, one of the states our order goes through during tracking, which we can do through the AliExpress app or website.

As such, “delivery” means delivery or delivery. This does not mean that your package will be delivered in the next few days, it has to go through a series of points before it reaches your destination country.

Order Status with “Delivery”

Within the “Delivery” process we find several subsections that we describe in detail in chronological order:

  • Entrance to the sorting center: The order has arrived at the warehouse of the courier company responsible in China. There they are classified according to the destination country.
  • Departure from sorting center: the order is ready to leave the sorting center to go to the airport that will take it to your country.
  • Reception by the carrier: the package is picked up by the carrier who takes it to the airport.
  • Departure from the airline: The package is already going to your country.
  • Arrival at the distribution center or destination country: Good news, it has already arrived in your country.
  • Accepted by the logistic company: In Spain, Correos is the company responsible for processing our AliExpress orders. This means that the order is already in Madrid and will be forwarded to your local delivery office.
  • Arrival at the delivery office: be careful, the order is in your local post office and it will arrive at your home in the next few days (usually in 1 or 2 days)
  • The deliverer begins with the delivery: You will receive your package today!
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All orders go through the states outlined above, although often they are not all reflected in the “Order Status” which we can view on the AliExpress app or website. This happens because sometimes this section does not work properly and is not updated properly.

If you want to track the order more closely, for example because you have doubts because your package has been stopped at one point for many days and you see that it cannot continue, we recommend our article on how to track AliExpress orders.

Why the “Delivery: Order Canceled” occurs

We are confronted with this case more and more often: the order has taken its natural course, but as soon as it arrives in England we see the message “Delivery canceled”. What happened?

If we have had several parcels that have arrived in our country at the same time for some time, Post Office groups them into one parcel and assigns them a new tracking number. When we have a new number, the previous number the seller gave us will no longer work and the order will show as canceled.

Post Office does this for logistical reasons and to speed up the delivery of orders.

When in doubt and feeling uncomfortable, contact the seller to see what happened. The most normal thing, however, is for the new tracking number to appear in a few days and the postman to deliver a single package with multiple orders in a short time.

Do not confuse “Delivery: Order Canceled” with “Order Canceled”

On the other hand, “Order canceled” (without “delivery”) may appear if you have just made the purchase and the order is obviously not yet in your country and therefore has nothing to do with the local courier.


In this case, it is more likely that it was canceled due to some other mistake by the courier or the seller and here it is important to speak to the seller to explain what happened. To learn more about why this is appearing to you, see our “Order canceled on AliExpress” post.

If you are not convinced of their answers, you have to wait for the protection period to end to open a dispute, because if there is still a long time, AliExpress will not let you. You can read our article on how to open a dispute.