In order to properly track your package and make sure everything is in order, it is important to familiarize yourself with the conditions it is going through.

In the AliExpress app or website, you can always check where your order is going by clicking here and checking the “Order Status” column to see what’s there (see our Tracking on AliExpress article for more information). In this post we resolve your doubts about your arrival at the distribution center.

What does “arrival at the distribution center” mean?

If the AliExpress order status says “Arriving at Distribution Center“, it means that the package has already arrived in your country and therefore you will likely receive it at home shortly. How long does it take to arrive? There is no surefire formula for knowing the exact days, but now we’re going to tell you the next steps in your order.
I have something to do? Yes, there are a few things you can do to get your order delivered earlier and prevent it from being sent back to China. We will explain it to you later.

Automatic machining centers

In these mass registration centers (CAM), all parcels are classified with the help of large tapes and forwarded to other smaller centers called Automatic Processing Centers (CTA), which are distributed by several Autonomous Communities and are responsible for managing their zones.

What are the next steps?

After the package has been classified in the Automatic Processing Center, it will be sent to your local delivery point for the postman to bring it to your home.

If you are not at home when the delivery is made, you don’t have to suffer: the postman will attempt a new delivery the next day. If you don’t get caught there either, the postman will bring the package to the post office and you have 15 days to pick it up. Remember that post office no longer leaves notifications in the mailbox and it is therefore important to track the status of your order so that it is not sent back to China for inability to deliver.

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From Sinotrans. Processed Orders

If your order is managed by Sinotrans, the largest courier company in China, you will have the opportunity to manage your delivery. You can easily identify these shipments as they have the initials “PQ” followed by a number. Thanks to the agreement that post office has made with this company, deliveries have been accelerated by 30% so that parcels arrive in EE.UU much earlier.

How to manage your order with Sinotrans

First of all, you will receive an email and a text message on your mobile phone informing you of the delivery that will soon be received and attaching a link that you can use to change the delivery if you are not at home. In addition, if the package is delivered and it turns out that no one is at home, you will be informed of the new delivery again on your mobile phone and by post.

If you still aren’t home on the second try, a new notification will be sent to you so that you can pick it up at the post office. This shipping method is very practical and allows you to take care of your package a little more. For more information, see our article on shipping methods on AliExpress. See the status of your orders on AliExpress