One of the questions you’ve asked us recently about the status of your order on AliExpress is: “Delivery received from the carrier“. Don’t you know what this message means? In the first part of the article we explain it to you in detail and also see the steps that come afterwards until your order arrives at your home.

In the last part of the article we will see what the order status means «Received from the carrier for return«Which actually has nothing to do with the first.

What is “Delivery received from carrier”  2023 ?

This tracking status means that the package has already been delivered to the shipping company in the country of origin (China). This means that the package is already on its way to the airport to get to the destination country.

The “delivery” is added by AliExpress in the tracking through the app, and this is misleading: even if the word “deliver” gives the impression that it is already in the delivery, it is not. If you look at the tracking on the computer, you will see that it just shows as “Received from carrier” and shows as “Received from liner” in English.

Why is my order stopped on “Delivery received by carrier”?

If your order has stalled at this point, we recommend that you check if it is a combined shipping from AliExpress. With combined delivery, each seller sends the packages from their warehouse and AliExpress picks them up at a logistics center. A few days may pass after “Received from carrier” appears as you give us a new tracking number and it goes to our country.

Why doesn’t this status always appear for all orders?

Most AliExpress shipments go through “Received From Carrier” at least once, but if other states appear in the tracking number (which you can check on the AliExpress app or website by clicking here) don’t worry. Each transport company can set its own messages, and the monitoring sometimes skips states and is not updated in real time.

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What does “received by the liner” mean?

In Latin America, instead of “received from carrier“, the message “received by liner” appears, but both mean exactly the same thing. Often times the way in which these states are defined in Spain and Latin America is a little different, although the procedure used by the messengers is the same.

What are the next steps?

Once your package is accepted by the carrier, you will likely see these statuses on your order:

Airline Departure and Customs Clearance on AliExpress

Once the package arrives in your country, it has to go through customs clearance. While this may startle you at first, keep in mind that most packages don’t get stopped at customs due to the large amount of goods they receive on a daily basis. Please see the Customs and Sales Tax Post on AliExpress for more information.

Accepted by the Logistic Company and arriving at the Distribution Center on Aliexpress

If you have opted for cheap shipping after customs clearance (Aliexpress Standard Shipping, Cainiao, SunYou …), your country’s national post office will accept your order.

Correos is the responsible courier company in Spain. First they take the package to one of the mass reception centers there, in order to classify it according to zones and take it to smaller centers later. In the status of your order you will see “Arrival at the distribution center”. If you want to know more about it, we recommend our article that arrived at the distribution center.

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Arrival at the delivery office and the delivery person starts delivering the order

If you see “Arrival at the delivery office” in the status of your order, please note that the courier will deliver the package to your home in a few days. Probably in a day or two.

Order status “received from the carrier for return”

Although they may appear similar to you in the first place, “Received from the carrier for return” and “Received from the carrier” have nothing to do with it. If the status of your order says “Received from carrier for return“, this is not good news: your package has arrived in your city … but it is being returned to China.

Why is an AliExpress order being returned to China in 2023 ?

This can happen for two reasons: if you failed to pick up the package after trying to deliver the package and found no one at home, or if your delivery address is incorrect.

I did not collect the order from the post office

The postman will try twice to deliver the package and if he doesn’t find you at home after that, he’ll leave a message in the mailbox or on your cell phone asking you to pick it up at your local office. The pick-up time is 15 calendar days from the second failed delivery attempt. Therefore, if you do not pick it up, Correos will send it back to the seller.

However, it is possible that Swiss Post employees will contact you beforehand to notify you. But they don’t always do it, and neither should you rely on them.


Wrong or incomplete address

First of all, you need to know that it is very important that you include your mobile phone in your delivery address. If, for any reason, there is a problem with your address, the courier will be able to contact you very easily, avoiding any setbacks if your address is incorrect or incomplete.

In the article How to change the address of my order on AliExpress, we explain in detail what you can do if you entered your delivery address incorrectly when purchasing.

What can I do if my AliExpress package is returned to China?

Unfortunately, there is little you can do in this case. If Post Office has already marked your order for return, they will not return it to you even if you contact them. On the other hand, it’s not worth opening a dispute that demands a full refund. AliExpress believes this is not the seller’s fault, it is yours and usually does not rate the dispute as a good one.

Negotiate a partial refund

From our point of view, the best thing to do is to contact the seller and apologize for the problems you encountered. Let them know that you intend to buy the product again, then open a dispute asking for a partial refund. That way, if the seller sympathizes with you, it’s easier for him to accept the dispute right from the start, and AliExpress doesn’t have to mediate between you.