What is the SHIPPING METHOD “Turkey Post” From AliExpress?

Continuing our analysis of AliExpress shipping methods, today we’re talking about Turkey Post, a shipping method that is gradually gaining prominence on the Asian giant’s website.

You may want to purchase an item from AliExpress and the only shipping method offered by the seller is Turkey Post. If you’ve never used it before and in doubt, let’s see what it is and compare it to other popular AliExpress shipping methods.

What is the SHIPPING METHOD “Turkey Post” From AliExpress?

The “Turkey Post” shipments are operated by the Turkish Post Company (also known as PTT), which is the national postal company of Turkey (formerly Royal Mail in England). This means that your order will be shipped to your country from Turkey, not China.

Tracking of the shipment of the “Turkey Post” shipping method on AliExpress

“Turkey Post” is a registered shipment so you can track your purchase at all times. To find out where your order is going on AliExpress, you can see it directly by clicking here. Estimated delivery time is 7 to 30 days, so we can consider shipping fast and cheap shipping (it’s usually free most of the time).

You already know that this delivery date is a guideline set by AliExpress to give you an idea. It does not mean that you will receive your package precisely during this time, as it can often be too early or even too late.

What’s the Best Option for my Shipment?

Turkey Post vs AliExpress Standard Shipping

AliExpress Standard Shipping is one of the most popular registered shipping methods on AliExpress. This is due to its speed and low cost (usually free or very cheap shipping). Although Turkey Post works well in England, we recommend that you always choose AliExpress Standard Shipping and now we’ll see why.

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If you can choose, don’t think twice about it: AliExpress Standard Shipping

Both cases are registered items, but the estimated delivery time for “AliExpress Standard Shipping” is around 18 days (or 10 days for express delivery), while “Turkey Post” offers a much wider range. since it oscillates between 7 and 30 days.

AliExpress and Royal Mail Englad have reached an agreement to speed up orders from China by 30%. Therefore, a shipment with “AliExpress Standard Shipping” will reach you earlier than with “Turkey Post”.

Review: Does Turkey Post work well in UK? And in Latin America?


“Turkey Post” works very well and very quickly in England, so you can buy any item without hesitation, even if they only offer you this shipping method to choose from.

Also remember that Royal Mail is the company that is responsible for managing and delivering your Turkey Post order once it arrives in UK.

In Latin America (Chile, Mexico, Peru…)

The reviews that come to us from other Latin American countries such as Chile, Mexico, Peru, … are not so good. Turkey Post is generally a slow shipping method. Perhaps (unlike in England) it is due to the greater distance that separates Turkey from this continent. We recommend that if you have the option of shipping from China or Turkey for an item, you always choose from China (regardless of the shipping method).

If you only have Turkey Post shipping option, you can try using the picture to find the same item to see if you can find the same item with other shipping options. It’s also true that while an order takes longer to order, you still get it in the end. If not, keep in mind that you can open a dispute with AliExpress to get the money on your purchase.

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How can my AliExpress order be shipped from Turkey?

AliExpress has been setting warehouses at strategic points around the world such as the United States, Turkey, Russia, and several European Union countries for some time. The reason for this is that shipments are getting easier and our purchases get home much earlier. But you’ve probably noticed how much AliExpress has improved lately in this regard, haven’t you?

If you want to know more about the warehouses that AliExpress has activated in the European Union, you can consult our post on Cainiao Warehouse Standard Shipping.

If my order arrives from Turkey, will it go through customs?

You need to know that if your order is from Turkey instead of China, it will not give you any customs advantage. All packages that arrive from outside the European Union go through this control and Turkey is not part of the EU. Even if your order comes from a warehouse outside of China, it will still go through customs.