Where to BUY Cheap LEGO Chinese Star Wars

One of the most sought-after and best-selling Legos are those from Star Wars. This famous movie saga has so much merchandising that you can find everything from clothes to dishes. The famous LEGO construction kit sets are the perfect gift, however, as they not only recreate the most famous ships and scenes from the saga, but also provide hours of fun while riding.

How to find Chinese Star Wars LEGOs on AliExpress

As we told you in the guide to finding alternatives to LEGO on AliExpress, it’s very easy to find high quality Chinese brands with very similar kits and at half the price on this web platform. Some of the best Chinese brands are LEPIN, DECOOL, or GUDI. Next, we’ll show you all of the Star Wars Lego sets that can be found in these and other white AliExpress brands. If you want to see them all.

Star Wars Minifigures

The best-selling LEGO products are without a doubt the minifigures. They are very cheap and there is also a great variety, they are perfect as accessories for other construction figures or to play with. Some figurines are sold out and hard to find, but brands like Lepin have released their own version and they are very similar. You can find them at this link, some are worth less than $ 1.

The Mythical Millennium Falcon

This is one of the most sought-after LEGOs, the Millenium Falcon is a construction kit with more than 7,000 pieces that will give you hours of playtime fun, but because of its high price, it is not available to anyone, it exceeds 800 dollars. This Corellian ship has many details and accessories. Now you can have the saga’s most popular ship at home without giving up your savings, as Lepin has a set of stunning finishes.

The Death Star

This is another of the saga’s mythical LEGOs, the value of which makes it inaccessible to the rest. It costs just under 500 euros and is a very complete kit, but these alternatives from Chinese brands have nothing to envy, it has light swords, blaster pistols, power lances and even a turbo laser. It recreates several rooms of the famous Death Star and costs a quarter of the original.


Treason in the cloud city

The amazing city in the sky of Bespin has its own version of LEGO. Recreate the iconic metropolis where some of the most iconic scenes from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back take place. It consists of four different sections, the first with a landing platform and Boba Fett’s Slave I ship, the second with a dining room, table and seating that recreates a toilet, the third is a gallery where laser sword duels are fought and the fourth, a red corridor leading to an interrogation room. Lepin models and other Chinese brands have all the details of the original for a limited part of their price.

X-Wing Starfighter

This Combat Spaceship is a pretty affordable building blocks game with a lot of fun details. With minifigures of pilots and droids, this star fighter includes a retractable landing gear, a cockpit, several guns. The most popular of all the Chinese versions of AliExpress, this one from the brand Lepin, compatible with Lego and available in two colors.

Imperial TIE fighter

In this famous saga, TIE fighters are distinguished by being small and fast. They contain two large solar panels on the sides and that makes their design very distinctive. It has everything you need for hours of fun: more than 900 pieces, minifigures of the characters of the saga, weapons. Although the original Lego is not too expensive, its alternatives are so cheap on AliExpress that they can have lots of sales.

Cauldron Corridor Millennium Falcon

Experience the adventures of Han Solo in the mythical Millennium Falcon, the fastest ship in the galaxy. Escape the boiler mines thanks to this amazing ship that includes a control cabin, automatic cannons and a missile compartment and play with the six characters included. Getting a Millennium Falcon kit is a great option because it is very cheap.

Other cheap Star Wars Lego kits

These are the most popular kits as the originals are so expensive that many fans choose these cheap Chinese alternatives, but we also found other very cheap Lego building block sets on AliExpress:

  • First order hikers: Recreate one of the famous hikers of the snowy planet. You can find it here.
  • Sand crawler: Cross the dunes with this mighty sand crawler.
  • BB8 model: One of the last robots in the saga also has its own Lego version, you can find it cheaper here.
  • Darth Vader’s Castle: The famous Darth Vader resides in this dwelling in the world of Mustafar.
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How to find discontinued Legos on AliExpress

The best part about buying these type of kits from AliExpress is the ability to find discontinued games for a very good price. These Legos are often out of reach for most as they come at a very high price, so Chinese alternatives are a good option. We’ll show you how to find the most sought-after ones.

Star Destroyer

This set costs more than 1,000 euros on some online sites and is very difficult to find. Darth Vader’s deadly destroyer has versions in Chinese brands like Lepin and, like the original, is huge, has more than 3,000 parts and is more than 100 cm in length. It can be found on AliExpress for just over 100 $.

Android R2D2

The most popular droid in the series also had its Lego version, it was released in a collector’s edition in 2012, so it’s very hard to find. Now you can get it for less than 100 $. It has details that make it unique: a third retractable leg, a circular saw, a rotating head, folding arms. With more than 2,000 parts, you will have hours of fun.

Ewok village

Who doesn’t remember the Ewok? These characters were present in the most mythical scenes of the saga. Now you can recreate his house thanks to this kit full of details and surprises: a hiding place hidden in the tree, traps with nets, the catapult slide, the lifting throne. It’s a very fun set that includes most of the minifigures famous characters from the saga: R2D2, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Leia, Chewbacca, C3Po, launched in 2013, this set is now available from brands like Lepin for less than 100 $.

B-wing starfighter

While we’ve already shown you several combat ships, this one is special as it was released in a collector’s edition in 2012. It is a very complete combat ship with a rotating cockpit, wings with realistic surfaces and its own identification stand. Its large size is the reason why many want it, now you can get it very cheaply from this link where we will show you alternatives to the famous Lego from brands like Lepin.

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What quality should I expect? Are they like the originals?

One of the most common questions asked before buying these sets is what to expect when we receive them. Brands like Lepin, Decool or Gudi are of impressive quality and we will hardly notice a difference in Lego sets. Lepin is the most popular brand and its parts are even compatible with Lego.

On the other hand, the sets are usually worth a quarter of the original price, ie the price of the most expensive Legos such as the Millennium Falcon or the Death Star is quite high, but that is due to the quality of the workmanship and the number of pieces. Here below we leave you a comparison: On the left you can see the original Lego Millennium Falcon, and on the right some finishes of the Lepin model, which costs just over 100 euros. As you can see the details and finishes are really similar and of good quality.


The Lego Star Wars collection is one of the most sought after and sought after as it has very expensive sets due to the large number of pieces, so these Chinese alternatives are great for saving money. As mentioned earlier, there are Chinese brands that offer very good quality. If you want to learn more about these brands and other interesting Lego collections you can find on AliExpress, we recommend reading through our guide to Chinese Lego on AliExpress.