Where to Buy Cheap MASSAGE GUNS

The Muscle Massage Guns. Recommended for athletes and athletes, this device is able to relieve pain and improve recovery. It’s a fairly expensive product that can only be found in specialized sports stores, but we’ll explain how to find it cheaper on AliExpress.

Benefits of Massage Guns

The reason why more and more Massage Guns are being sold is because, despite their high price, they offer many advantages. First of all, buying a device allows us to improve our muscle recovery from the comfort of our own home, but here are more reasons why you should buy it:

  • They have different accessories for each muscle tissue.
  • Relax the muscle knots.
  • Eliminates lactic acid, which causes pain.
  • Improves blood flow to the muscles you are massaging.
  • It works on the scar tissue.

In short, the massage gun is based on percussion therapy, where the vibrations suppress the sensation of pain and relax the muscle in your home. These pistols can be used in different ways before, during, and after exercise: 2-3 minutes before exercise, 10-15 seconds during exercise during breaks, or 20 minutes after exercise to treat sore muscles.

The Best Massage Guns on AliExpress

These pistols have become famous through specialized sports stores. Their technology is expensive, but they also have to generate their commercial margin. You will be surprised that AliExpress guns are less than half the price in these stores and it’s very easy to find as you can see here. We have selected our favorites and will show you below.


Phoenix A2 – Bestselling Massager

The Phoenix A2 massage gun is one of the bestsellers. And this massager is great value for money. It has patented technology of quiet operation (only 40 decibels), despite being powerful and powerful.

It has 4 accessories to train the different muscle groups. Its 1,500 mAh battery gives it a range of up to 240 minutes and is very light at just 1.1 kg and has 3 adjustable speed levels: 1,800, 2,400 or 3,200 rpm. Its longevity is guaranteed thanks to its brushless 24 V motor with great power and speed. We can control all the parameters of this gun with the LED panel on the back.

Booster: professional Massage Guns

As mentioned earlier, you can find all types of Massage Guns on AliExpress. The Phoenix A2 is a good option for home users who want to test the benefits of these muscle massages without investing a lot of money. But the booster pistols you can find here offer a lot more for a relatively affordable price.

Their best-selling model is this percussive Massage Gun. The arm can be rotated up to 90 degrees to adjust the angle and it has up to 6 different speeds to suit your needs. It has 4 different heads and with its two 1,500 mAh batteries and the fast charging station we don’t have to worry about the battery running out.

High speed Massage Gun

We can also find many private label products on this famous Chinese sales platform. One of the pistols we liked is this white brand that costs half the price of the Phoenix A2 and has very good performance.

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First of all, we like it because it has an LCD screen that shows the massage settings. Its 2,600 mAh battery offers 5 hours of massage autonomy. It can be regulated up to 20 speeds with a maximum of 4,000 rpm and has 4 massage heads. As you can see, it is a very complete and inexpensive pistol.

Suboton: inexpensive Massage Guns

Finally, if you’re looking for inexpensive options, Suboton pistols are reasonably priced. All of them can be found in their official shop.

One of his best-selling pistols is this one that you see below. As you can see, it has a power cord so you don’t have to worry about the battery. With an output of 710W, it has 6 adjustable speed levels up to 3,000 rpm. It has 6 different heads and weighs only 1.1 kg, so it’s quite handy.

Our take on these Massage Guns and how to save money on your AliExpress purchases

These Massage Guns seem to us to be the perfect addition for any athlete. If you work out intensely and are prone to muscle aches or lumps, this can be a good investment. What we like best about AliExpress Massage Guns is that they are available for every budget, you can have a massage gun from 40 $.

In our pick we have included the best options based on speed, price and other features, but you can find more Massage Guns at this link where you can see them all in the order of sale. It is important to carefully study properties and comments from other buyers before choosing.

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In addition, this website has many discounts and coupons so you can easily save money on your purchases. If you want to know how to get them or how to buy them safely on AliExpress, we encourage you to read our tutorials. If you start shopping here, our Definitive Guide on AliExpress explains everything you need to know to know about first time shopping. And you? Have you already bought one of these massage guns from AliExpress?