Where to Buy Cheap VANS Shoes and Backpacks?

In the following we explain in more detail which Vans products can be found, which are not and which alternatives are available to buy. Let’s go there!

Are there any reasonably Priced Vans shoes?

Well, unlike a few months ago when we talked about white brands, now you can check for yourself if there are very cheap and original Vans on AliExpress.

And how do we know that these are not Replica Vans? First, because the seller has been on AliExpress for a long time, he also puts the brand name without hiding it and already has many positive sales, so many that he already has two diamonds. However, if you want to be calmer, we recommend that you ask him directly.

Surely another one of your doubts is whether or not it is worth buying Vans on AliExpress. As a lover of Vans shoes, I can assure you that the price for an original product is very good, prices like this you will hardly find in other stores like the Englischer Hof, Amazon, ebay… not even in outlets like Privalia this price achieve them especially in the most exclusive models. Also with the advantage of free shipping, regardless of whether you come from The United States, Australia, Spain, Argentina or almost anywhere in the world.

Which cheap Vans models are there on AliExpress?

You can find a wide range of models of Vans shoes, for women and men. If you are looking for a specific model, the best find and review, we will show you the most desirable and popular models.

Vans Old Skool

It is the hottest Vans model right now and while there has been a long sales boom it has started since many famous models started wearing them. You can find them here in different colors and materials.

Vans Authentic (the classic)

These are the Vans of your life that go with every look and style.

Vns Sk8-Hi

The SK8-Hi are a classic. Inspired by the aforementioned Old Skool model, the Sk8-hi are characterized by a high waist and a much more urban and informal touch. At AliExpress you will find a wide range of models like this one, in different materials (leather, embossed…), with different patterns and at a very good price.

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Vans half cabin

The Vans Half Cab is a further development of the Sk8-Hi. Over the years, Vans has realized that many skaters cut the uppers of their shoes to improve mobility and that’s how they created this iconic shoe model. Well, like we told you before, AliExpress has a wide range of Vans shoes to choose from and we found the Half Cab very cheap too.

Vans slip on

Lazy tying your shoelaces? Then the Vans Slip Ons are perfect for you. They have the urban touch of the most classic vans, but without laces.

Vans Toy Story

From time to time Vans, in partnership with other brands, brings out an exclusive collection, this is the case with these Vans x Toy Story, one of the most popular Disney films, but being an exclusive collection, the price of the Shoes rise sharply. Well, you can find very cheap Vans Toy Story on AliExpress.

Vans x Stan Smith

As mentioned earlier, Vans usually cooperates with other brands. Another of his most famous collaborations was with Adidas, where he recreated the famous Stan Smith model. You can find it on Aliexpress.

Chinese shoe brands: clones of the Authentic, the Old Skool…

After AliExpress replicas disappear, we’re paying more attention to Chinese brands: we usually call them “white brands” because apparently they have no intention of branding, but they are very similar to Vans and an excellent opportunity in terms of branding on the quality price. Here is an example

Vans canvas sneakers

The problem is that they are quite difficult to find as they don’t have a recognizable brand and you have to resort to terms like “Canvas Sneakers”, “Vanly Shoes”, or Zosdon which is one of the brands I pictured highlighted above and he has a ton of sneakers, some of which are Vans inspired. We caution that even using these terms rarely produces results

What are the best sellers – are they legitimate?

To find a good seller with a good reputation, here’s how we do it: After we’ve done our search, we’ll give you the opportunity to sort by sales. This is not an infallible method as there are many sellers these days who have to close their stores and open a new one, but the products with more reviews tend to be much more reliable and we can also see other buyers’ reviews of the product.


The next step is to evaluate the seller. As you know, the more positive sales you get, the higher your rating as a seller. So when we buy from sellers with a high score, we buy with a lot more confidence. To see the seller’s score, all you have to do is look at the icons next to the store name. In this case the seller has 3 diamonds, so he is quite reliable.

How to find out the reliable seller AliExpress Vans

Remember, for more information, we have a guide on how to find reliable sellers on AliExpress on the blog, where we explain all the tricks to ensure your purchase doesn’t fail.

Check the delivery time

Once we’ve found a reputable seller who has the Vans we want, we need to look at the delivery time. The first thing you need to see is how long it takes the seller to put the filter on based on how quickly you get the product.

You can see it in the red box, in this case the seller ships in 7 working days. As for the delivery time, you’ll see that practically all of them are between 10 and 60 shipping days, but the most normal thing is you will have it at home in 15 days.

Sizes on AliExpress – How to find my shoe size

Since these are original Vans sneakers, you can easily determine your size. If you wear Vans regularly, just check the tongue for the size you wear in the US. This is the size you need to order on AliExpress.

If you don’t know your size, we recommend that you use the conversion table that sellers have on the product page. It is also advisable to consult the customer reviews because if there is a problem with the sizes they usually write it in the comments and usually advise you to go one size up or down.

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shoes conversion table aliexpress

If you still have doubts, we explain it all in detail in our article “Guide and tips for determining our size on AliExpress”.


If you get the wrong number of shoes or if you have a problem, you can always easily return (or exchange) them. In our article on “Complaints, Disputes and Returns at AliExpress” we show you how to proceed.

Sneakers, hats, backpacks… which Vans branded products are there on AliExpress?

Caps and hats, original and very cheap

The star products from AliExpress include the caps and beanies from the Vans brand. They have thousands of sales, they use the word Vans in their name and in their pictures so let’s imagine they are authentic as AliExpress catches fake sellers very quickly.

Skate caps

To find cheap Vans Caps, I recommend doing this search (I always recommend searching in English to avoid problems with the automatic translation). You will see many hat models at bargain prices, starting at $ 2.50:

Vans caps on AliExpress

Vans hats

For hats, more of these: if you do this search, you will see tons of Vans hats like these:

Vans wool hats

I included the link that was already ordered after sales in both hats and hats because I am one of those who thinks that on AliExpress, with very few exceptions, the best product is always the best seller.


Vans backpacks on AliExpress also have thousands of sales and excellent reviews. Like caps and hats, when they have been on sale so openly for so long, I conclude they are original but if you want to be sure the best thing to do is ask the seller via chat.

Vans Backpacks on AliExpress