Where to Buy QCY Brand HEADPHONES?

If you’re a regular at AliExpress, you’ve certainly seen QCY branded headphones at some point. It’s a brand of Chinese origin that offers headphones that are little known outside of their country, but are very worthwhile for their value for money, which is why they are becoming very popular with AliExpress buyers. Among all its models, the wireless “airpod” style stands out, but we can find all kinds of headphones. Today we’re going to analyze the bestsellers to see if they’re worth it.

QCY Brand specializing in Audio Products

The QCY brand has become popular thanks to the good quality of its products. His official AliExpress store, which you can reach here, has been selling audio products since 2014, although his company was founded in 2003. On AliExpress, his shop is one of the “Top Brands”, a name that only they can get. Stores prove month after month that they have excellent customer service and quality products.

Its products go through a strict quality control (thermal shock, explosion resistance test, battery life test …) and their products have several international certifications (RoHS, CE, FCC…) so that quality is not just in words, if not that we do it with headphones and Have to do headphones of tested and certified quality.

Wireless Sports Headphones

The best-selling Headphones of this brand are undoubtedly the in-ear sport style, i.e. those that are plugged into the ear and in this case connected to the devices via Bluetooth, as they do not have a connection cable. QCY has up to 7 different models as you can see here, all of which are priced between 14 and 20 dollars considering that some have great sound quality as they accept aptx sound profiles and all of them are sweat resistant we can say that they are very cheap.

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The QCY QY19 are the ones that get the most sales. These are sports headphones with an integrated microphone and IPx4 sweat resistance. It is compatible with aptX sound profiles, they have a sensitivity of 100 dB and their conversation autonomy is up to 5 hours. You can find them in this search.

The rest of the brand’s in-ear headphones have very similar characteristics, they just have a different shape, so it’s better to go to their store and choose the ones we like the most. Others that amassing a lot of sales include this one, the QCY QY31. Thanks to their design, they adapt perfectly to the ear and stay on the ear in any situation, which makes them perfect for athletes. In addition, in this case their autonomy increases up to 7 hours, so we can use them in several training sessions before they are recharged.

Wireless Headphones with Headband

Headband or “over-ear” headphones are characterized by better sound quality and are therefore ideal for music lovers: They isolate outside noise and, thanks to the larger dimensions of their drivers, have a more nuanced sound. Above.

One of the best-selling headphones from this brand is the QCY50 model with a very minimalist and modern design that comes in 3 different colors. They are designed for the greatest possible comfort, not only due to the great flexibility of the headband and headphones, but also in their materials soft and comfortable so as not to strain the ears.

It has a bluetooth 4.1 connection which guarantees a reliable and stable connection, it also has the DSP noise reduction technology and is compatible with aptX profiles, a profile that improves the sound quality. Finally, they have excellent autonomy, we can listen to music for up to 12 consecutive hours or 390 hours in standby thanks to their 200 mAh battery. You can find them here for just over 20 dollars.

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If you are looking for a more modern headband headphone, we recommend the QCY J1, with a style very similar to the “Beats”, with a round headphone and a foldable design. They are available in 3 different colors with a metallic finish. They are wireless headphones with great autonomy, 40 hours of continuous use or 1500 hours of standby, but they have a great advantage: they can be connected by cable so that they can continue to be used even when the battery is empty. In addition, by inserting a TF card, you can also use it to listen to music even when you do not carry your cellphone with you. Its sound is of excellent quality, it enables listening to 24-bit music with a sensitivity of 108 db in hi-fi quality.

Wireless Headphones type “Airpods”

QCY currently only has one model of Wireless Headphones on offer, it is the QCY Q29, which you can find on Aliexpress for just over 30 dollars. In fact, we already talked about this in our article on cheap alternatives to Airpods on AliExpress. These headphones use TWS (True Wireless Stereo) technology to connect both headphones and create a stereo system with high quality sound.

These are very light headphones with a weight of around 5 grams per headphone and an autonomy of up to 2 hours of listening to music or 30 hours in standby mode. They can be charged by simply placing them in their box, which works like a power bank and stores energy for up to 4 full charges. They have a high sensitivity of 96 dBa, so that a high sound quality is guaranteed.

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Free hands

Finally, QCY also offers a good selection of hands-free headphones with a built-in microphone. In fact, one of the bestsellers is the QCY Q26 model, which is simply the same model we just saw above, but instead of bringing 2 headphones, it only brings one. Another bestseller is the QCY Q8, a hands-free headset with 4-6 hours of autonomy for calls, a noise reduction system and an ergonomic design that adapts to the ear.