WHY are AliExpress PRICES RISING Before 11/11?

If you have a wish list on AliExpress, you may have noticed that many of the prices of your products have skyrocketed from one day to the next. And if you haven’t noticed, but follow AliExpress on social networks, you will have seen them post a statement explaining what is happening.

For another year, some AliExpress shoppers were outraged by the sudden spike in the price of items on their wishlist. They accuse the sellers of lowering the prices shortly before 11/11 to bring them back to the same price on World Shopping Day and to awaken the mind to themselves that their products are on sale. For its part, AliExpress is defending itself by stating that prices go up on the days before the 11th, because sellers are removing their usual discounts to move the 11th to the 11th, but are then cheaper on the 11th than before.

Since this is currently a recurring fact every year, this time we went to work on the AliexBA to demonstrate with real data who is right and since October 27th (two weeks before the 11th, 8538 products. The results of the experiment were incredible, we have answers for everything. And the conclusions will surprise you, especially the number of products that are really worth less on the 11th out of 11 than in the two weeks before.

Why are AliExpress prices rising shortly before 11/11?

Take a look at this product as an example:

AliExpress normal discounts

As you can see, there are two prices, normal and discounted. However, no matter how much “Just for two days” it says, this type of discount is usually almost always in effect, and you would not be wrong to think of it as the “normal” price of the product.

I assume that the sellers activate and deactivate them so that when activated they have the appearance of “discount“, as in the example above where the product appears to be very discounted when in reality the image above it is puffy which is $ 80.26. What happened was that a few days before 11/11 all these discounts are disappearing and the prices of all products are rising to astronomical heights. According to AliExpress, this is happening because sellers need to disable other discounts in order to apply those of the 11 of the 11.

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And how many Sellers will Increase before 11/11

The key day for the price change was November 3rd. On that day, AliExpress products displayed clues that the 11 of the 11 were close, with symbols like this next to the prices:

Banners from 11 to 11

Basically they are telling you “don’t buy now, it will be worth less soon”. And to be sure, they triple the normal price: D.

Indeed, on that day, many sellers increased the price of their products (or got rid of the usual discount, whatever you want to say). According to our data, of 8,538 products were analyzed 86.60% up in price from November 2nd to 4th. It’s also interesting to know that the price has dropped 11.32%. He left the rest straight away or changed a few cents, but we didn’t take them into account because it could be due to the money exchange.

The best part is that we can say exactly which product of the entire sample rose in price the most on that day: this ring, which rose from 8.17€ to 136.25€ in 24 hours. The graph makes this curve:

Expensive ring

We wanted to give it the title Jeta from 11/11/2016, but we don’t for two reasons:

  • After all, this product will be available on November 11th. be cheaper than in the last two weeks: worth 6.86 dollars.
  • Because we found someone a lot cheekier, we’ll tell you who.

So the 11/11 deals are wrong?

Not at all.

It’s true that this first half of the experiment shows that buyers’ complaints are well founded: prices are rising just before that. But in order for this experiment to be completed we also had to review the AliExpress version: is it true that it is worth enduring a few days of price increase and then it goes down more than ever?


Finding the future prices of the products was easy: The price that each product would cost on 11/11. will appear next to the current price. In total, we extracted the future prices of our eight thousand products, we compared them to the lowest price we had saved in those two weeks and …

Yes, that’s right The prices of most AliExpress products will drop on April 11th..

From the entire sample, a 81.15% of the products on the 11th are cheaper than in the past two weeks. This also confirms that AliExpress is right: the prices you will see on the 11th will be lower than they were before they suddenly went up on the 3rd.

And the remaining 18.85%? Let’s talk about the crooks …

While it is true that the vast majority of products are sold on the 11th (later we will tell you how to check for yourself whether a product is on sale or not) it also makes it clear that it is almost 20% of AliExpress has sellers who use 11 out of 11 to incriminate themselves, offering something that is not. We have divided them into two groups:

Those who raise the price to leave it exactly as it was: “soft crooks”

These are the most, and they will surely sound familiar to you: they are the ones who put the price up a few days up to the 11th to put it exactly like this bonsai seed seller.


Those who try to take advantage of people and charge much higher prices: “hardcore jokes”

Fortunately there are few, but we have several candidates for the title of Chief Jeta on 11/11. However, one of them stands out among them all: the seller of this fishing vest, who wants to sneak in as a reduction of the 114.70 $ that will be worth the 11 out of 11.


… Although two weeks ago it was worth $ 11.62.


Trick to Tell a Real Bargain apart from a Fake one

  • First choice: Go to the article of the 11 of the 11 on Friday and use the checker we are preparing. Basically you enter the url of the product and when we have saved it in the database it will show you how much% this price has changed compared to the lowest price we know of this product.
  • Second option: Please also visit the article from 11.11 and take a look at the offer search engine that we are preparing. You write the product you are looking for and we will show you on the 11th. I recommend it, we find products that are worth 70% less than their lowest price so far.

Conclusions of the experiment

As you’ve seen, both sides were right: users complained about sudden price hikes and AliExpress said this was only temporary as it would turn out good bargains. Even if you’ve been constantly participating in the activities that AliExpress has set up over the past few days, you’ll have coupons from 11/11. and you can save good money on a product that is already on sale.