WHY Are There 2 PRICES on AliExpress?

Often we get this comment: Why do I get two different prices on AliExpress? In the sales approach, we also receive another version that is very similar to the previous one: Why does one price appear before I click the ad and then when I enter another?

That’s why we’re explaining how AliExpress prices work, what to consider when buying, and how to make sure what you’re buying is what you want.

Why are there Two Different Prices on AliExpress?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions on blog comments, and the truth is, the answer is very simple. When do we buy a product with different options (Colors, quantities, surfaces) prices may vary. Let’s put ourselves in this situation: we’re looking for a dress and suddenly we see something like this.

As you can see, there are two different prices for the two dresses on the right. But if we look we can see that inside the green dress we can find 12 different colors. When we go into the ad, we see that By clicking on the color and size, we will get the final price of the product. In the following picture, for example, we have opted for the dress in black and size L, the final price is $ 25.30 including shipping.

In the case of dress it is very simple, but on other occasions it is difficult to distinguish what we are buying, for example when we are buying technology. So that you understand it better, imagine you want to buy this camera: There are two different prices, as already mentioned, if we choose one of the packages we will get the final price. But how do we know what each pack contains? Well, this is a very simple trick that few know about: All you have to do is hover your mouse over the different options to see what each one contains. In this case, the right pack is more expensive because it contains two lenses.


As a personal recommendation after many years of buying from this website, I also find it very useful read the product description carefullyIn these cases, sellers usually determine the difference between one pack and the other. In case of doubt, we always have the option ask the seller what we will pay for before buying. If you are still unsure how to contact the seller without purchasing, we recommend our guide on how to contact sellers on AliExpress.

And when you buy From the mobile application, all of the above functions work the same, with the exception of the last part: to know what each selection entails, we just have to click on it and a brief description will be displayed directly. As you can see, when you click on the second option, we get a description: “Dual Lens”.

Why does one price come out before entering and another comes out when selecting its properties?

It’s another question that you ask us a lot on the blog. Well, that usually happens a lot in sales. For example, on the 11.11 promotion page, the products are usually displayed at the price they will have on the day of sale, but when entered it is more expensive because we have to wait until that day to buy (and before the end of the sale). Warehouse). It is also possible that the price will change when we add the product to the shopping cart and provide our delivery address, as the shipping costs are not the same for all countries.


Definitely, In the end, the price we can trust is the price that comes out when paying. Take, for example, the camera we saw above. When we put it in the cart we see that the seller automatically gives us a discount because we are spending more than $ 255.68 on purchases, so it stays at $ 407.01. But as you can see, the store itself also offers multiple coupons. I recommend checking out these coupons before buying as they can save you a few bucks. Since our purchase has a very high value, in this case we will receive a discount voucher of $ 4.28, which will be added to the previous discount.

Therefore, at the end of the $ 416.42 that the camera was worth, we only pay $ 402.73. If you have previous experience of shopping on AliExpress, it will be easy to spot these coupons, price changes, discounts … But in the beginning it is very important to look at each step and double-check everything so as not to make any mistakes.

Why am I getting a price on AliExpress but they charge me more?

Sometimes it is possible that when you pay for your purchases, an amount appears in AliExpress, but a higher amount appears on the payment account. This is because AliExpress only accepts US Dollars, Euros, British Pounds and Rubles. If your country’s currency is not one of these currencies, a currency conversion will be performed to pay for the purchase and this may involve a corresponding commission. In addition, some companies also charge fees for their currency exchange services or for purchases made abroad. Either way, it is best to request the payment details from the entity that manages your funds and see what has been collected.

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