Xiaomi Mi READER: The Best Alternative To Kindle

Thanks to Xiaomi, today we can find phones, smartwatches, robotic vacuums and all kinds of high quality products at an impressive price on sites like AliExpress. One of his latest strategies is to create high quality products to compete with products that are monopolizing the market. A good example is the new Xiaomi Mi Reader, Xiaomi’s first e-book reader. Let’s see what functions it has and whether it is a good alternative to the Amazon Kindle.

We analyze the Xiaomi Mi Reader e-book Reader in AliExpress

At first glance, all eBook readers are very similar, but the differences in use are clear, which is why the Kindle is so famous. but The characteristics of this new Xiaomi e-book reader make it a great competitor. The design is very simple, there are no visible buttons other than the power button located on the top.

Below we find a USB Type-C input for charging our reader, as well as a small LED that indicates when it is on. Thanks to your 1,800 mAh battery, we can use the reader for several weeks on a single charge: With frequent use, your battery will last for 14 days.

We can do a full charge in just 3 hours. In addition, despite its great autonomy, it is a very light device with a weight of only 178 g and a thickness of 8.3 mm, so it can be perfectly taken anywhere. Thanks to your 16 GB memory We can have a large collection of books and documents.


But much of its charm lies in the 6-inch e-ink touchscreen. It has great resolution with a resolution of 212 dpi. The text can be read clearly and thanks to its anti-reflective surface you will think you are reading on paper. Besides is his Integrated light with 24 LEDs, resulting in a brightness uniformity of 90%. You can read clearly and comfortably at all times.

To improve the reading experience, the Xiaomi Mi Reader offers allows you to adjust the font size, adjust the typography and adjust the contrast. The latter is ideal for reading comics and graphic novels. In terms of compatibility, it can read documents in EPUB, TXT, PDF, PRC, HTML, DOC, DOCX, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, PPT and WPS formats. As you can see, it works with most formats on the market for both books and office documents.

In this reader we find a powerful one Allwinner B300 quad-core processor, 1.8 GHz clock frequency and 1 GB RAM. The Xiaomi MiReader is therefore a reading device that is quick and easy to use. Its Android 8.1 operating system opens the door to applications to be installed in the future or other advantages for the reader. It has a WiFi connection to be able to transfer files.

How to find the Xiaomi Mi Reader at the best price on AliExpress

To find this Xiaomi Mi Reader at the best price, the best thing to do is to buy it on AliExpress, where we find authorized sellers who offer it without intermediaries. So we can save money. You can find it in this link. However, until there is an update, the first Xiaomi reader only has a Chinese version, the menu cannot be switched between languages, although you can read books in any language.

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Xiaomi Mi Reader or Kindle: which e-book reader is better?

As you can see, the Xiaomi Mi Reader e-book reader is very well equipped, but, as you can see here, it is not quite as cheap as you think. However, the Kindle price has also risen in recent years, the base model of the Kindle has a price similar to that of Xiaomi, and the Kindle Paperwhite costs about 30 euros more, which is better? All 3 have a 6-inch screen but have certain differences

The simplest Kindle has a non-adjustable front light instead of a backlight, 4 GB of internal memory and a resolution of 167 dpi. Without a doubt, in this case, the Xiaomi reader wins thanks to the backlit screen, its internal memory and a better screen resolution.

The Kindle Paperwhite has an internal memory of 8 or 32 GB to choose from, a resolution of 300 dpi, a front light with 5 LEDs and is waterproof. Undoubtedly, this last point, water resistance, is one of the reasons we could go for the Amazon device, but Xiaomi offers a screen with better lighting at a very affordable price.

In short, the Xiaomi Mi Reader has many advantages: its low price, its image resolution, its long autonomy thanks to its autonomy at a very low weight and its backlit screen. In addition, thanks to its processor, its operation is agile and fast. The only problem for now is that it’s only available in the Chinese version.

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