12 ALEXA Compatible DEVICES

Most households already have an Alexa Voice Assistant known for setting Alarms, making calls, playing music. With its compatible devices, it can become the best assistant in our home, but most Alexa compatible products are more expensive, that’s why we’ve rounded up the best Alexa Compatible devices for your home from AliExpress.

Alexa compatible Devices for your Home on AliExpress

This online sales platform is popular for its technology products that follow the latest trends. As soon as Alexa hit the market, manufacturers selling on AliExpress began bringing compatible products to market. But as you can see here, if you search for keywords, it will bring up more than 40,000 different products, so below we will show you the best.

Supported surveillance cameras

If you want to improve the security of your home, you can easily see what the camera is recording from some Amazon devices with a camera compatible with Alexa. It is ideal if you have the Echo model with a screen. To find compatible cameras all you have to do is enter this link to find them all.

One of the bestsellers is the INQMEGA brand camera, ideal as a surveillance camera for your home because it is waterproof and has night vision. It has 1080p HD picture quality and, in addition to a microphone, also has a loudspeaker for sending messages and a built-in deterrent alarm. Thanks to its WiFi connection, it can also send you notifications on your mobile phone.

Smart door or window sensor

Enhance the security of your home with one of these smart sensors that can tell if doors or windows have been opened in your home. They are an essential element to control your home, but also allow you to expand the functionalities if they are compatible with Alexa. For example, you can have the light switched on automatically when the door is opened or ask Alexa whether all doors and windows are closed.


Intelligent motion sensor

Another possibility would be to configure actions in the event of motion detection: for example, that the hall light is activated when it detects someone, or that the fan goes on when it detects our presence. These small devices are very inexpensive and allow us to create a smart home. The most popular one is the one you see below, which can be easily configured through its mobile application.

Smart Lightbulbs

Among the devices compatible with Alexa, the lightbulbs are the best sellers because being able to easily control them with your voice is great for creating a good atmosphere or making our everyday lives easier by turning them off or just understanding your voice.

Although the bestsellers are the cheap ones, Xiaomi Yeelight bulbs are a great choice, they are of good quality, and among the bestsellers, the 10W RGB bulb allows remote control without additional connection bridges. They can be controlled via voice assistants or via mobile phone. You can choose the intensity of the light and the color.

Smart plugs

Smart plugs compatible with Alexa are a great alternative for controlling all connected devices, from lights to small appliances. This is very handy for simply ruling our home or controlling devices that don’t have wireless connectivity.

At AliExpress, they are very cheap and, in addition to being able to control them with voice assistants or a mobile application, you can set schedules or create timers even in the simplest of models. Some even allow the power consumption of connected devices to be recorded.

Smart switches

Another easy way to automate your home is to place smart switches and switches compatible with Alexa. So you can easily turn off all the lights in your home using your voice assistant. In addition, their appearance is very modern, so they won’t go unnoticed. You can control everything connected to them: blinds, fans, lights.

If you want a trustworthy brand, we recommend you check out the Livolo brand that you can see here, one of the most popular brands in terms of mechanisms. Your Alexa-compatible switches can be easily controlled via your app and are available in over 10 different colors.

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Vacuum robot

There’s nothing more liberating than leaving your house clean by simply asking Alexa. And it so happens that the latest robotic vacuums that have hit the market are compatible with the most popular voice assistants. And AliExpress is the best online sales platform to get you one at the best price. All you need to do is check out the wide range of brands and models of robotic vacuum cleaners compatible with Alexa.

Among the most popular we find the Xiaomi Roborock, probably the best brand in the robotic vacuum cleaner market in terms of value for money (and with all the confidence that the famous Asian brand gives us). If you live in Spain we also recommend you the Conga robotic vacuums from Cecotec, an increasingly popular brand for the benefits of their robots at a great price. Both brands are compatible with Alexa with their latest models.

Curtain motor

Most of us have curtains at home, who wouldn’t want to open them with just a voice command? There are two ways to do this by adding an Alexa compatible motorized track or adding an addition to our curtains.

The most convenient way to add this device is when we have already installed curtains. Just add it to the end of the rail and connect it to power. One of the most popular is the Xiaomi Aqara brand, which has a WiFi connection and is compatible with voice assistants.

Daylight alarm clock

Once you’ve entered the item, look for a good gift for an Alexa fan. It is not just any alarm clock, but intelligently simulates sunrise and sunset and wakes us up naturally between 10 and 60 minutes. This will avoid disrupting your sleep cycles so that you can wake up more easily.


Multiple alarms can be set, including radio and 7 natural sounds to wake up relaxed. The best thing is that we can not only configure it through the mobile application, but we can also control it through Alexa.

Smart thermostats

Most people swap their old thermostats for the smart thermostats available on AliExpress. But why not go further and control the temperature in your home with Alexa? There are many brands that already have compatible digital thermostats with Alexa.

Air cleaner

And if you are allergic or live in an environment with a lot of air pollution, air purifiers will make your life better and become an indispensable device in your everyday life. The bestsellers are without a doubt Xiaomi cleaners and one of its latest models, the Xiaomi Mijia 2H, is compatible with Alexa to control it using voice commands.

Intelligent aroma diffuser

Aroma diffusers have become very popular and allow us to easily perfume our home with essential oils, some also work as a lamp and can configure different colors. They make a great gift and now you can also find Alexa compatible diffusers.