Cheap ADIDAS Ultra Boost Replicas

It’s easy to see why Adidas UltraBoost has become one of the best-selling lines in the brand in recent years: with cushioning systems, a variety of colors and designs, they have become favorites of running enthusiasts and those who love to opt for the more urban models for everyday life. But they have one big flaw: they are very expensive. Because of this, more and more of you are asking us where to buy replicas of this model and how to ensure their quality.
Today we’re going to tell you everything you need to know.

Where do you get it?

Since AliExpress is no longer selling replicas, we recommend contacting DHgate. It’s very similar to AliExpress and is where all the specialist replica sellers are now.
Unlike AliExpress, the products here are displayed by their official name: if you do this search, you will get a large number of results. You can also search for “boost” or “adidas running”.

It has a near-perfect reputation and feedback from buyers has been positive.

As you will see, there are usually no photos of the shoes in the reviews. This is done because sellers are asking buyers not to upload images that have logos on them so that their accounts will not be terminated. But there is no doubt that the shoes and their packaging bear the Adidas logo.

Yupoo Listing

Yupoo is a platform that enables sellers to create dynamic catalogs. Large virtual stores are becoming more and more sophisticated about products that are replica, so sellers turn to Yupoo to publish their catalogs without censorship.

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Usually you will see this on the Yupoo product sheets and link to the appropriate page on DHgate to complete your purchase there. The pictures that appear in the catalog are real, while on DHgate there are photos without logos or directly products that have nothing to do with them. But you get the product as you see it in Yupoo. Here is an example of a catalog of UltraBoost models in Yupoo sold by DHgate.

When you choose any of the models, you can see all the features and pictures, plus a link that leads directly to DHgate.

How do I find catalogs with UltraBoost?

The simplest recommendation we can make is that you try to google for keywords (in this case, Yuupo Ultraboost DHgate) and explore the various options that appear. Then visit buyer profile on DHgate and make sure it has good reputation. When you have it, you can go ahead and continue shopping with peace of mind.

How much do they cost?

The replicas that you can get on DHgate usually cost between $ 30 and $ 80, while the originals in the official Adidas store cost between $ 150 and $ 400. The difference is significant.

As I said, there are sellers who specialize in replicas and have a very good reputation in the store (like the cases we showed you above). If you come across one or the other with very good reviews, you can be sure that your purchase will arrive at home and that the shoes will meet your expectations.

Buyer’s opinion

While doing our research on the internet, we came across reviews of UltraBoost replicas on YouTube where buyers can see all the qualities they possess. They also compare them to the originals to find the differences (minimal or nonexistent in most cases).


In other communities of shoe buyers, we came across photos of UltraBoost replicas bought on DHgate and users commented that they were satisfied with their purchases and the shoes were good quality.

Delivery times

As you may know, DHgate sellers ship from China, so don’t expect to receive your shoes overnight. DHgate itself will tell you from the start that it may take 1 to 3 months for the shoes to reach your hands. However, if you’re looking to get good replicas at low prices, it may be worth the wait.